A Family Trip to Manali

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When we think about the blissful cold climate and beautiful views in India, we think of Manali. Whether it is for a summer or winter vacation, the feeling you get after having piping hot Maggi or aloo parathas with a blob of butter is unmatched. A trip to Manali is not only affordable but also mesmerizing.

A Family Trip to Manali

Beginning our hyped-up journey

Whenever we go out for a family trip, we are at the peak of excitement. We usually head from Delhi to Chandigarh first to visit the famous Rock Garden and spend some time at the Sukhna Lake. After a relaxed break in Chandigarh, our next stop is Manali. To ensure that our hype does not deteriorate by the time we reach Manali, we book a convenient taxi from Chandigarh to Manali to travel comfortably and avoid the post-driving fatigue.

We prefer to visit Manali any time between March and June as the temperature suits our comfort zone. As per our usual routine, we travel at night and take a full night’s rest at a hotel to energize ourselves to explore eye-pleasing spots the next day.

Peace and solace at temples

Manali is a beautiful and unique blend of peaceful temples and thrilling activities. Our first pick is the Hidimba Devi Temple, dedicated to the first wife of Bheema, Hidimbi Devi. The beautiful wooden carvings and natural beauty are out of the ordinary.

Another temple we always visit for some tranquility is the Manu Temple. The small hike to reach the temple keeps us energized to explore the pagoda-style spiritual shrine. The soothing environment never fails to make me let go of all the worries of my 9-to-5 job and monotonous life.

We begin our exhilarating activities from the Bhrigu Lake, 4000 meters above sea level. This picturesque lake in the Kullu District never fails to amaze us no matter how many times we visit it. Irrespective of the temperature, hundreds of families visit the lake for a panoramic view. The cold water in the lake reflects the mountains and sky on its surface and looks like a real-life portrait.

A warm rest at the hot springs

After a long day, we take a halt and wash off our stress and worries at the Vashisht Hot Water Springs. The hot springs are said to have healing properties that heal both stress and other diseases. This more-than-4000-years-old temple is a unique shrine in between the Himalayan topography. We appreciate the intricate carving architecture and paintings and move on to buy the famous woolen items from the surrounding area.

Begin the adventures!

The next day, we usually visit the Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art to recall the beautiful culture and local heritage. This museum has a few eye-catching models of ancient temples, masks of traditional dances, musical instruments, and garments worn in the past. One can get a glimpse of the local culture in just a few hours.

As soon as we leave the museum, we rush towards the Solang Valley. Oh, the thrill of enjoying the snow! Although it is 8400 meters above sea level, the snowmobile exploration warms our blood with excitement. One can enjoy many snow-based activities there for hours, like:

  • Cable cars
  • Skiing in the snow, and
  • Paragliding

The Jogini Falls is another trekking spot to explore in Manali. You can explore the nearby shrines and have a small picnic near the magnificent waterfall.

Once our trip ends, we are way too exhausted and tend to book a top-rated Delhi car rental with a driver. Our Manali trip may leave us tired for days, but it is worth it.

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