13 Reasons Why Solo Traveling Is Best For Girls

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Solo Traveling

Be it a guy or a girl, planning a solo trip and executing the same without anyone isn’t a child’s play. For solo travel you have to be mature and take responsibility for yourself. But when we talk about a female solo traveler, people assume things to be more complicated than they really are. As a girl, you must have been on trips with your family, school or college friends and maybe even with travel friends or travel companions whom you met on the road while on a solo trip. But we all need to accept which comes out to be a reality here is most of the times the demons inside us, which are due to traditional thinking in society, makes us assume that girls have to be slightly more careful about their safety while traveling solo. However, the reality is pretty good here, as the world has developed for solo travelers and with the inception of social travel sites, you or anyone is probably very safe to go alone than any time before.

13 Reasons Why Solo Traveling Is The Best For Girls


Safety and Essentials

When mentioning essentials, it becomes obvious that you do complete research about the place you are about to visit; such as the weather, language, locals, tourist’s locations, places to visit there, culture and what activities you can do there; and then only move to execute your trip accordingly.

Toiletry bags, compact makeup kits, luggage bag locks, compact wallet and wet hand wipes are not only a good choice of things to include in your luggage to make your travel easy but also help you to make sure that you can travel hassle free outside your city/country and would find easy to handle a situation where you don’t have enough resources.

Talking about safety, you must not miss money belts, whistles and noting down the emergency contacts of the region you’re going to well in advance. Using SOS apps can be a great way to know you are prepared to face any trouble on the road when you solo travel without a travel partner, or you can take the other option such as Limo Find, that will help you to find your location and drop you at the point.

13 Reasons Why

So after discussing about solo traveling and its safety & essentials, let’s move on to know what the reasons are why as a girl, you should solo travel and why it’s best for you:

1. Being Independent – When you travel solo without your family or friends, it makes you feel as well as teaches you to be more independent. As you are on the road all by yourself on a solo trip, a sense of being independent inculcates in oneself and it is also important that one learns to be independent.

2. Exploring – Solo travel is one of the best ways to explore & see the world, to explore the most popular destinations for tourists as you get to interact with locals more, learn about them, and live like them.

3. Being Confident – Confidence comes with experience and coming out of your comfort zone. Engaging with locals while on a solo trip can lead to confidence inside you. When you talk to people, do your own stuff and face the fear of the unknown, your confidence and self-esteem goes strongly up.

4. Knowing People – You go out there, talk to people and ask them about how their life is, it’s all tough at first but when you start doing it you realize how good it is to know people on the way when you’re in a place you’ve never been before. You also gain a source of help in case you face some uninvited trouble.

5. Work Opportunities – You can discover whether there are some work possibilities in the area you are traveling to so as to build your future.

6. Knowing Yourself – Yes, while traveling alone you not only learn about the place but also come to know a lot about yourself which you didn’t know before. You start discovering about what you like, your inherent habits and how well you can manage being alone.

7. Taking a Break – Sometimes to get away from the work life and enjoy just with yourself is the best thing you can do for a break to relax. So never shy away from taking a chance to venture out alone as it is only going to be good. Thanks to the solo travel apps, they have made it easier for the solo travel girls.

8. Facing the Challenges – Yes, challenges would be on the way along with fun. You would feel confused, anxious and might have no one to listen to you and this is how you realize that facing your own problems is the only way to solve them. After all, solo traveling teaches one a lot and this is just another of the important lessons.

9. Breaking Barriers – A girl traveling solo may sometimes get unwanted attention which may make her feel unsafe and can lead to no more solo trips in future. But in this new aged world with so many options coming up & travel is also an agenda for most of the economies in the world, tourists are very well safe in all popular travel destinations.

10. Liberty – You are free! Once you solo travel you understand the true meaning of being free. There is no one you have to wait for or let your interest down because they want something else. You are totally in charge and can decide what to do and when. This is precisely what grows you as a person.

11. Being More Compassionate – You get to feel what others are feeling around you, living there and carrying out their daily routines. You step in their shoes to understand and this is what makes you compassionate.

12. Learning the Basics – How to arrange your clothes, manage spending your money, take care of yourself when you are suddenly sick, time management, you will learn all the basics only when you travel alone.

13. Collecting Special Memories – Finally, the biggest reason why you should travel alone is because that is the only way you can experience surreal moments of your life, living in the moment and then journaling in your personal diary or clicking photographs and preserving them forever in your album, looking at them occasionally and remembering the trips you had.

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Going out there alone and traveling without a travel partner sometimes sounds like a dream or a fantasy. What if something goes wrong? What if you are stuck in a situation from which you don’t know how to get out or if you cannot find help from the right people? These all fears are always going to be there in you unless you actually solo travel and face them.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and go explore the world!

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