How Visual Content is a Vital Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Oftentimes, we hear people tell us to “show, don’t tell”. The cliché says that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is something worth bearing in mind when coming up with strategies to effectively capture the attention of your target audience. Wordy entries do not work for people with short attention spans and if we think of the statistics, that’s approximately 90% of online users these days. This is the reason why you need visual content if you want to be effective and efficient with your digital marketing strategy. Great content with attractive visuals can drive the maximum traffic for your digital marketing activities.

How Visual Content is a Vital Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Is it Really Necessary?

People remember images, not words, so if a message released to the target audience falls on deaf ears or remains to be forgotten, what proof is there that it happened? One fails to communicate effectively if the audience does not remember the message. It is easy to be ignored or get lost in the sea of information these days. Adding visual content to your messages or marketing strategies, help your audience digest, remember, and absorb your message because it is easier for the human brain to process images. Now, it is very easy to create beautiful infographics and visuals with the free online tools available over the net.


An Effective Way to Boost Engagement

If you want your message to hit close to home, visual content is the way to go. With words people still need to imagine and paint pictures to understand what is being conveyed. It is easier to tug at the heartstrings through images, which also moves people to take action. As a matter of fact, companies with social media pages that frequently post images were able to up their engagement by 200%.


Bring Life Back on Social Media

The word “social” in “social media” is slowly losing meaning because people have grown distant from each other for the past few years. Their backs are constantly hunched over and their noses are constantly glued on their device screens while mindlessly scrolling up or down to past time. This happens even when they have company and it’s a sad sight to see. Fortunately, you can do something about this situation by communicating with people who upload visual content with messages similar to yours. If your audience reposts the images that you upload, you can send them a message and interact with them. Engage in conversation. Socialize.


Be Creative when Using Graphics

Think about where you want to upload your graphics. The best way to get your message across Facebook is by using infographics since people do not have the time to browse through long paragraphs. On Instagram, you will get better engagement if you upload powerful images. If you upload on Twitter, its best if you include your website so your audience will know where to go.


The key to adding visual content in your digital marketing strategy is knowing what, where, and when to upload. You also need to understand your audience, know where they are coming from so you can come up with images that will appeal to them.

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