How to Target Traffic Using Linktree

Spread the love is a tool that you use in Instagram to create a microsite, in which you can put and share your links. Linktree follows a basic concept, and that is, you can put a single link in your Instagram bio. When a user clicks on that link, it navigates to another page that features all the links that you want to share. The user can pick any links depending on the content they are looking for, and they will be directed to it.

How to Target Traffic Using Linktree

How does it work?

Before you can start using this Instagram tool, you need to sign up for an account for free, either via your email or directly using your Instagram profile. After that, you may add all the links that you want your followers to send to. Also, paste the link of your profile into the bio section of your Instagram. So, when users check out your bio and click your link, they will go to a microsite that houses your other links. In other words, it allows you to display multiple links from one profile.

With, you can optimize the traffic of your Instagram account. Whether you are a business owner, artist, blogger, or running a website, the service enables your content to stay online much longer. For example, you have posted three contents in the past two weeks. Suppose you are not using, you will need to choose one post to feature in your Instagram bio and would write “link to post…” on every one of your posts. Thanks to, you will not face this problem. offers additional features besides allowing multiple links. You may also view clicks and views regularly; link to your website and social media platforms by using icons; measure the performance of your link through click-through rates; customize the fonts, colours, and button styles you use; as well as highlight the main links.

There are two pricing plans available for Linktree; paid and free. The free version allows you to select between themes, view basic analytics statistics, and add unlimited links. On the other hand, the paid version of provides you with customization, scheduled posts, analytics stats, and several other features.

Tips on how to acquire warm traffic on Instagram with

  • Create a mobile page, wherein you can optimize and display links on your site. You may opt to use your own fonts, colours, and logos, as with those on your account. The clicks you get from your Instagram will help you get your potential customers.
  • Change your link from time to time. While doing this requires a bit of your time, it can help your Instagram account catch the attention of more users.
  • Another way to increase traffic is to freshen up your profile often. Instagram will positively view this action, indicating you are using the platform consistently, and you are not a bot. So, when you have a new blog, new product or service, change your link to that page and add “link in bio.” is a useful box that you can put all the links you need to attract customers and followers from that one clickable link from Instagram. Linktree is beneficial enough that the price that comes with the paid version of this tool is all worth it.

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