The Birth of Digital Marketing

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The rise of digital marketing has been a coveted one. Where IT was a few years ago, booming and climbing the slope, digital marketing is on the same climb. The intervention of technology and the power of Social media has brought the world to the point of our fingertips and because of this, reaching everyone or even getting people to see unique content has made it easy. Brands and organizations realize this power of technology and have used it to its fullest advantage. Direct marketing to customers using targeted advertising and seeing their fruits of labor immediately has made them realize the chinks in their marketing armor and what the consumers actually want.

The Birth of Digital Marketing

The power of social media, where day after day, more than seven billion people swipe up and down, the brands know that their biggest fear of not being seen will never be there anymore. But largely even these brands are focused on creating quality content so that when eventually their viewers see it, they don’t swipe up and at least spend a few minutes looking at it.

Coming to SEO writing and blogging, more often than not, marketing agencies have a tendency of improving the search rank of a brand and they do it with search engine optimization. These are tools that help improve your rank on google with certain keywords. When people search these keywords on any search engine then the preferred brands come up in those few top results. The tools that do help the agencies acquire this feat are usually online blogs. Be it online blogging, that not only helps with search ranks but also shares quality content about the brand or their business or anything related to it. Then there is off-page blogging and guest blogging that does only help with search results.

Digital marketing agencies have been on the rise as well. With the digital spectrum booming on all signals, these small satellite spaces have erupted and morphed into micro organizations to form mid-level to small level companies that assist brands and other companies on their daily or weekly digital agendas. Any digital marketing agency worth their salt not only handles the daily social media dose for a brand or a number of brands but also looks at their SEO. These agencies are hired to not only promote brand awareness through social media but also form an interactive communication between the brand and its target audience through choice methods. This helps in connecting with customers and increasing visibility

Digital marketing agencies can also do advertising on social media platforms but not all advertising agencies can do digital marketing. There are hundreds of good ad agencies in the world and a lot of them, including some of the big six, took time to understand the concept of digital marketing and its effects on people. The days of printing ad copies and composing radio jingles without knowing how many people it reached are over. Digital marketing brings transparency to the table. How? Well, earlier there was no way of knowing how many eyeballs did a print ad garner, how many ears did a radio jingle attract, or how many people were able to see a television commercial Now, with digital marketing, things have changed. You can know exactly how many people liked your content or saw it orreshared it at the touch of a button.

With the advent of technology, the world is getting smaller and the digital spectrum is getting larger. We no longer need ISD telephone calls or to wait a few days or even hours to send a message across continents. It happens within seconds.

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