How to Give Your Website Credibility?

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Have you taken any steps to add more credibility to your website? If you haven’t then this is something that you should seriously consider.

People are rebelling against illicit activities that render them vulnerable online here and there. The most valued currencies by customers right now are trust and credibility and if they can’t find it in your business then they may not be convinced to do business with you.

In Digital, the real estates a business has are websites and networks where the business has its profiles; so it is safe to say that your business website is your estate; better yet it’s the place where you conduct business.

In the real world, how would you design your place of business where customers come to do business with you? Would you add elements of credibility to reaffirm their faith?

I mean how often it happens that we go to a shop or a store and we see that the vendor has hanged a business certificate on the wall and that does really add to the credibility we feel more sure just because of that.

How to Give Your Website Credibility

Today however we are not gonna be talking about business in the traditional world, in the post, you will learn what things you can do to add credibility to your website.

1. Visual Design

You may wonder what has got aesthetics to do with credibility? Let me tell you that it does. We live in a world where presentation sells and builds the first impression about your business in customer’s minds.

For a website, there are myriad ways incorporating a unique visual design sets the credibility. Let’s face it, the internet is clamored with free and paid website themes; and every other website is using these themes.

If you also use the same theme that your customer saw on another website that catered to a different industry then chances are that the customer would look down upon your website.

A unique visual design for your website is very important to form the perception and strike the chord of authenticity with the customer.

2. Contact Information

Internet scams are happening here targeting mostly middle-aged people or old people. Do you know one thing that is common in these scams? It’s the fact that those websites didn’t have any contact information so that they cannot be contacted, and it does seem fishy for a business website to not have any contact information.

You don’t want to leave that impression, be clever and create a dedicated contact page where you provide crucial contact information like email address, contact number, business address and if your business is running virtually then you can always set yourself up with a virtual address for LLC it’s easier than you think.

It is essential that your customers see the simpler ways to contact your business with data points like business address, contact number, email address, and name of the business. Bonus if you can embed your Google My Business Map there.

3. Handle Data Securely

Your customers would not want to feel that their personal data is in danger as they enter your website. Take basic precautions like hooking up your website with HTTPS SSL Certificate it doesn’t even cost a dime you can get it free on Cloudflare; a lot of hosting providers offer SSL Certificate for free.

If people are commenting on your website blog post, then don’t add CTA’s like comment your email IDs that’s like invoking a major strike from customers; some may go ahead and comment on their email handles which will ultimately make you look bad.

If your business website in some ways maintains a customer database then it is very important that you make your website secure with security plugins, use 2 Factor Authentication, and unbeatable passwords. This goes even for simpler websites that use lead generation plugin to capture leads which are available in the website backend; once your website gets hacked all that data is available to be exploited by the hacker.

If need be then leverage cloud solutions to be more secure.

4. Testimonials are everything

Testimonials are one of the best ways you can earn the trust of your customers. Customers who have visited your website for the first time are clueless about the reputation of your business and they are looking for ways to reaffirm their faith in doing business with you.

One of the things that they are looking for is genuine customer reviews, if you add fictitious reviews then they can detect that; don’t try to outsmart the customers. Grab testimonials from your Google Business Listing or Facebook Business Page Review section and showcase these testimonials clearly on the website homepage, adding this one thing will boost credibility by 10 folds.


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