A Look Back at Blu Ray, Netflix, Chromecast and LED TVs

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While we are busy discussing about LED TVs, let’s take a hike to understand what LED actually means! Diodes made from semiconductor materials which convert electrical energy and heat when assembled in package are the LEDs. With the rapid changing technology, there is vast improvement in colour range and stability of the LEDs. With notable improvement in lifespan and other performance factors, LEDs have begun to dominate the markets.

A look back at Blu Ray, Netflix, Chromecast and LED TVs

Easy assembling into dozens and even hundreds on a panel, LEDs are generally small. There is no fixed shape for a LED. With the solid state lighting, LEDs generally have the potential to reduce complexity in design, and lighting fixtures installation. The current LED manufacturers are working on to develop fixtures which can be easily mounted and effectively maintained. With no standard to measure, report and test, the current LED product market players could easily win the market.


LEDs do diminish over time. Inspite of boastful claims by manufacturers with relation to 50,000 hour useful life or 70% maintenance, it eventually runs out. The lumen output in a LED generally varies from 20% to 40% in a unit. The preferable colour in a LED is usually white which is used as a combination of red, green and blue.

LED doesn’t generate any kind of infrared energy, so it is wrong to presume that LEDs are cool light sources.

LEDs entered market after LCD and the once hit Plasma Technologies. The Sleek look and design is one of the primary reasons for their huge user acceptance. With low power consumption, LED technology is more energy and user efficient.

Blu Ray Technology

Once the High Definition Video was dancing around in the market, The Blu ray found an incredible opportunity to offer the consumers the need of the hour. A way to store large data!

Blu ray technology came with a high density optical disc which was widely accepted by users. The name is derived from the ability of the laser to read the disc.

The Blu ray discs have the capacity to store 10 times the amount of data which a DVD can normally store. The storage capacity is due to the standard DVDs that house a red laser, which has a much longer wavelength than blue/violet light.

Sony unveiled the prototypes at the CEATEC exhibition. And finally, the ‘Blu-ray’ project was unveiled in 2002.


Chromecast is impressive and doing quite few things to keep us satisfied. Whether it is streaming videos from services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO go or mirroring the device screen, Chromecast is keeping us busy!

The Chromecast Backdrop enables users to leave their TV with a background change, even if the users are not watching TV.  Chromecast allows users to display photos from the social media accounts such as Facebook, Google Photos, or Flicker.

For the gaming interests, Chromecast has been improved for gamers to have great gaming sessions for participation in multiplayer games.

Though the dongle is still called Chromecast, the Google app is renamed now to Google Cast. It is the name given to the supporting technology that allows users to stream data into Chromecast type devices.

For an awesome audio experience, the Chromecast Audio comes with a 0.5mm stereo cable for stereo connection. Supporting RCA jacks and optical connectors, the experience is great. By using the smart phone, the Chromecast can still be used without interrupting the music or draining the phone.





Netflix reached outstanding revenue of $150 million in the DVD rental segment. With increased subscribers of 6, 70,000 and tie ups with more than 45 film distributors; Netflix was meeting a daily shipment of 1,000,000 DVD’s and around 35,000 titles in its library. Eventually it became the one of highest visited sites in the world.

Once a DVD business, Netflix has bloomed to online streaming entertainment segment with unlimited online content. By 2003, Netflix had about one million subscribers and more additional shipping centers were being opened for the subscribers. Five years down the lane, Netflix was still in growth mode.

Being a pioneer, Netflix had the advantage of starting early coupled with a customer loyalty, strong distribution system, , and the patents for its software programs.

This marked the entry of new genre in the entertainment specs. Venturing into streaming on demand services for viewing on a PC, Netflix had hit the bull’s eye on the entertainment on demand service.  As per reports, Netflix’s streaming service ranks up to 28.8% to 33% approximately of the all time web traffic.

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