How to File a Claim for Chest Injuries After a Car Accident

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Chest injuries are one of the common injuries experienced during or after a car accident.

Some chest injuries victims recover a few days or weeks after the accident, while others suffer to the point of disability.

These injuries depend on many factors. If you believe in having suffered from a chest injury after a car accident caused by negligence, you have a legal right to seek compensation.

How to File a Claim for Chest Injuries After a Car Accident

This article looks at the cause of chest injuries and the best way to file for compensation.

Chest Injuries After A Car Accident

Current research states that chest trauma has been considered as the 2nd traumatic injury that has the highest deaths among the non-intentional traumas. It can be caused by penetrating or blunt trauma.

These injuries are life-threatening, and if not medically managed, the victims may lose their life.

Motor vehicles have been indicated as the common cause of these injuries emanating from negligence. Whether your injuries have been caused by negligence or not, it’s crucial to seek medical attention immediately.

The next best step would be to talk to a car accident lawyer in Bakersfield who has an understanding of what you may be going through.

Such attorneys have helped thousands of victims with such injuries, making it easier for them to get adequate medical help. Chest injuries can stem from a wide variety of factors. Some of them include:

  • Airbag deployment: Due to the speed at which an airbag is deployed, this may cause serious injuries. Airbags are meant to save lives during an accident. An airbag deployment may result from a sensor malfunction.
    Failure to deploy an airbag on time leads to severe injuries. The reason why it’s common for the driver or passenger to suffer from chest injuries is the fact that their upper extremity is close to the airbag. In the event of an accident, the chest is more likely to be hit. You can claim that your chest injuries emanated from airbag deployment.
  • The force from steering wheels: Drivers are more likely to suffer from chest injuries when they hit the steering wheel during an accident. This is usually referred to as the steering wheel injury.
  • Seat belts: The abrupt stop results in a seat belt impact at the upper extremity. Such injuries are referred to as seat belt syndrome. To detect such injury, one may look for bruising around the chest area. Others may experience pain in the chest.

There are quite several symptoms to watch out for regarding chest injuries. If you have recently been involved in a car accident and have manifested any of the below symptoms, you may be suffering from a chest injury. They include

  • Coughing blood
  • Reducer upper extremity mobility
  • Weakness or dizziness

Do I Need To Settle Or File A Claim For Compensation?

If your medical records indicate that you have suffered from chest injuries, you need to file a claim to recover your losses.

Anyone injured through negligence will wonder whether to settle or file a lawsuit for compensation.

These are the only two options for getting compensated. Most of the car accident cases settle, but some are better off litigated. The earlier you settle your chest injury case the better; you will have money to use for your medical care and other expenses without much hustle.

Choosing whether to settle or to litigate is tough. And knowing what to choose or not is better handled by a car accident lawyer.

If that lawyer can negotiate a favorable settlement for your chest injuries claim, you need not file a claim. A settlement is less costly and faster compared to litigation.

However, if the insurance company denies the claim, you need to inform them of your next step immediately.

If you litigate, the chances are that you may recover more than what you could have received in a settlement. But still, the process is not without risks. If you don’t have enough evidence for your lawsuit, you may lose your case,
Remember that your case will involve depositions, expert witnesses, among other court costs which require money.

Depending on the nature of your chest injuries, your lawyer can better advise you on whether to negotiate your claim with the at-fault driver insurance company or file a lawsuit.

Work Out Your Case With An Experienced Lawyer

Your lawyer can have an estimate of how much your personal injury claim may be worth. If you can get such an amount from a settlement, there would be no need to litigate.

Remember that you should not try to tough out any pain you feel after a car accident. You should get prompt medical care to protect your claim, as some injuries take time to appear.

Failure to get treatment will not only jeopardize your health but will significantly reduce the chances of having a fruitful claim.

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