5 Most Famous Personal Injury Cases In History

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According to Martindale-Nolo Research, the average personal injury settlement amount is somewhere around $53,000. The range of the settlement money is from $3000 to $75,000.

The research also shows that more than 30% of the claimants have accrued $0 with their claims. At the same time, a significant amount of people have settled injury cases with more than $75,000.

Most of the cases are settled out of the court, and only 4%-5% of cases ever going to court. These are the cases that take some of the drastic turns of events and can become ugly.

5 Most Famous Personal Injury Cases In History

Though several methods can help your claimants to get the best amount of their claims, it is seen that the claimants who have been armed with an attorney have most cases.

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Most Famous Personal Injury Cases In History

There are only a few cases that ever make it to the court. However, whoever makes the court creates history. We will talk about some of the cases that have gone down in the history of injury lawsuit cases.

1. $206B Tobacco Master Settlement

We all know how injurious tobacco is for health. The same thing can be said 25 years ago. The only difference was that the companies did a good job hiding it. That is, until 1998, 46 states of the United States rallied together against the top four tobacco companies in the USA.

The case also sought punitive damages. This case made history when the jury punished the companies for false claims and how their product hurt their users. The punishment was in the form of a final judgment with more than $206B.

2. $4.9B The Andreson Family

In 1993, the Anderson family fell victim to a car-truck accident where the petrol tank burst, resulting in an explosion. This causes severe burns to the whole family. The family pursued their compensatory damage, but the motor company fought back in the court.

The case went to trial, and the family won $4.9B. General motor though, appealed to the supreme court, and the amount was reduced to $1.2B.

3. $32.4M Ford Motor For Seat Belts

In 1996, Mark force became victim to a car accident where he injured his head with traumatic brain injury. According to him, the seat belt malfunctioned, and instead of keeping him in place, it loosens up at the time of accidents.

Force not only sued the negligent driver, but he even sued the company for the seatbelt and safety restraints. The jury was convinced with his claim and awarded him $32.4 million.

4. $25.5M Medical Malpractice In London

When Maisha Najeeb was only 10 years old, she was treated for an injury where she needed to be injected a dye into her brain. However, the Great Ormond Street Hospital made a mistake, and instead of injecting dye, Najeeb was injected with glue. It caused permanent blindness in one eye.

The case goes to the court, where the jury awarded Najeeb $2.8 million. And an annual amount of $383,000 until the age of 19, and after that, $423,000 for the rest of her life.

5. The Mcdonald’s lawsuit

Though this is not the largest personal injury claim in history, it sure has become a topic of discussion whenever personal injury lawsuits are discussed.

In 1992, Stella Lieback, a 72-year-old lady, got a severe burn after the coffee fell on her lap. The medical cost was around $18,000. She filed for a $20,000 personal injury claim, which was rewarded by only $800 by Mcdonald’s. This is where the case becomes interesting.

She hired a lawyer and won the case with $162,000 as a compensatory claim and $480,000 as punitive damages.

The Bottom Line

Through the above settlements, you can see just how much the victims have to gain. Although the cases mentioned above are rare, it proves that if you are right and have the relevant proof to support the claim, then you will certainly get the true value of your injury claims.

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