How Much Do You Know About These Four Categories?

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How Much Do You Know About These Four Categories


1. Gold

Is buying gold jewelry really a gold investment? At present, the gold on the market is roughly divided into three types: one is the gold jewelry in the gold shop, of course, the store also has gold bar to sell; the second is the commemorative investment gold bar in the bank; and the third is the gold pet necklace (here) bar of the gold exchange. In the gold investment market, physical gold investment mainly refers to investment-type gold bars and gold coins. The purity requirement is above 9999, and there is not much process composition. The current retail price of gold jewelry is generally higher than the real gold price of 30-100 yuan per gram. With the continuous improvement of smelting technology, the purity of gold jewelry is also improved. If you bought jewelry a few years ago, first of all, the purity is not as good as the current market, and after the accumulation of wearing, due to the color factor, the recycling price is likely to be lower than your purchase price. Therefore, if you have the intention to invest in gold personalized pet photo necklace, then the gold bar is your choice, and now that gold prices are relatively depressed, it may be a good time to buy.

2. Diamond

Diamonds have become a hot spot for jewelry investment in recent years. If you are buying it for investment purposes, you don’t have to choose a variety of diamond rings, loose diamond is enough. So what kinds of diamonds have investment value? Of course, we must start with the 4C standard of diamonds. The most intuitive one is the size. At least one carat or more of diamonds will have better value-preserving functions, and the color and cut should be superior getnamenecklace personalized name bracelets. For example, the color is above H, purity above VS, and the cutting should be better. In addition, beginners should listen to the expert’s analysis and choose high-value, low-risk diamond varieties to avoid losses.

3. Jade

If your interest lies in jade, you should polish your eyes and learn more and compare more. Unlike gold and diamond, there is no fixed single standard in the price of jade. More is the quality of identification, and sometimes it is also about the preference. The “knowledge” on this can be deep. For beginners, first of all, it is necessary to find out what is the species, water and color of jade custom pet necklace. You need to know what is the standard of judging the color and water, and how to judge A,B,C type jade. All these need to take some time to study, and can not easily shot. Take Hetian jade for example, market define jade with enough tremolite content can be called Hetian jade. Xinjiang Hetian jade is becoming scarce. Russian materials, Qinghai materials, Korean materials, and Luodian materials that have just appeared are Hetian jade to a certain extent. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish the origin of jade. If it is Xinjiang materials, it is necessary to analyze whether it is mountain or seed material. Secondly, it depends on the oiliness and surface color of jade custom dog necklace. In addition, the official of jade Institutional appraisal certificates and mall reputations are also a guarantee of consumption.

4. Gems

Gems and semi-precious stones such as ruby, sapphires, tourmaline, aquamarine, garnet, tsarvorite, spodumene, peridot and spinel have become the new favorite of jewelry investment, and their colorful colors make people linger on. There are several factors to be aware of when choosing this type of gem investment. The darker the color, the more saturated, the more uniform, and the brighter the better. Within the same family, black and white transparent colored gems are relatively cheaper. Second, look at the cut. The stronger the brilliance, the better. A fascinating gem must be the most appropriate cut to shine. Third, look at the inclusions and cracks. The cleaner, the more expensive. However, it should be noted that the completely transparent flawless gemstones necklace with picture (ruby, emerald), the greater the suspicion of synthesis. Fourth, the bigger the weight, and the rarer it is. In the case of rubies, it is better to buy a 5-carat ruby and not to buy five one-carat rubies. Because the bigger the gems, the more rare they are, and the more expensive they are. If you purchase precious gemstones, you need to ask merchants to provide international certificates, such as GRS, GIA, or national inspection, quality inspection certificate.

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