10 Best Storage Tips

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When you have items that you want to put away in storage you use the following tips. These tips will help to preserve your items and keep them from being damaged or destroyed. Here are the 10 best storage tips you can use to keep your valuables in good condition for many years.

10 Best Storage Tips

1. Maximize your Storage Space

Most people store their items in a storage shed or unit. Many storage compartments are big enough to hold furniture and appliances. However, they don’t have an unlimited amount of space. If you have a lot of items to put up, then you should store them in containers or boxes if possible. Containers and boxes will allow you to stack your items up toward the ceiling. This method will save space and allow you to put away more goods. You can also use an upward stacking scheme to put larger items away. You should also pack items away efficiently inside of boxes to make the best use of space.

2. Get a Storage Unit with Climate Control

A lot of storage units do not come with climate control. Depending on where the storage unit is located, it might not be necessary. However, areas of the country where the weather changes periodically or frequently, you probably should consider getting climate control. The reason why climate control is important because it will help to preserve special items for a longer period of time. Certain furniture items, books and documents can all be impacted by outside temperatures. You should rent a climate controlled storage shed to avoid this problem.

3. Keep all of your Items Dry Before Storing Them Away

When you put items away make sure they’re dry. Wet items will mold, warp or rot. This is especially true for wet items that have been left in a hot environment where mold bacteria can multiply. Don’t store wet clothes or wet items away otherwise they will rot or become damaged in some other way.

4. Clothing Items should be Specially Sealed

Seal up your clothing items in plastic bags to keep them from being damaged. Once again, they can mold and even mildew. Some clothing items can mildew to the point where the smell can’t be removed from the items. Sealing up your clothes will keep bugs like moths or other creatures from feeding on the material.

5. Disassemble Certain Items for more Effective Storage

Take apart furniture items that can be disassembled. This will provide you with more space. It will also help certain items from being damaged. Disassembling items will also help to preserve them longer. Just make sure that you know where your disassembled parts are located. Otherwise you won’t be able to put your units back together in one piece.

6. Make the Storage Area Easy to Access

You should arrange the items in your storage shed with enough space so you can maneuver through the unit. Arrange items so you can make an isle to access all of the items inside of the unit. Storage units such as those found on StordStorage.com can provide you with more space for easy access to your stuff. The aisles will also give you the ability to easily remove items from the shed that might be stored in the back or in a tough to reach areas. This way you do not have to pull out everything from the shed.

7. Never Store Perishable Items in a Storage Unit

If you put items such as food (even canned), plant life, dirt or pet foods they will attract all sorts of bugs and rodents. Don’t put anything in your storage unit that consist of these items. If you have extra food you can give it away or purchase a deep freezer or shelving for your home. Don’t put it away inside of a storage unit otherwise it will attract vermin to your things.

8. Make sure the Storage Facility is Reputable

This might not seem like a big deal but you will be amazed at how many people lose their belongings when there items come up mysteriously missing from certain storage companies. Some places lack adequate security on their premises.

9. Label your Boxes

Label your boxes so you can quickly find items that you need. Otherwise you’ll have a very hard time figuring out where you put things.

10. Purchase Insurance for your Items

You should always purchase insurance for your storage items. Taking this action will protect you if your items become damaged or stolen.


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