How Guest Posting are Your Ultimate Weapons In Modern SEO?

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In this Techno world there’s a rush to do everything within the blink of an eye. Now-a-days people want to get successful in less time but “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”. We have to follow certain rules, methods to standout from everyone.

Let us understand why there’s a increasing demand for Guest posting.

If you dont know what guest posting here is a short intro, here the writer of one site writes an article for another site thus acting as an guest writer.

Here the guest writer can backlink his own page in the bio of himself at the end of the article.

Now let us focus on the importance of it, consider your respective site is good in all SEO aspects such as Keyword, good content but you ain’t getting any traffic after being well oriented why is these so?

Basically for the searcher who is looking out for some topic on the internet would select your page if it appears on the top or in the first search pages. But if you are new to the SEO concepts and launching a blog, techno stuff you won’t get much traffic in the starting phase of the site don’t worry there are lots of things to help you!!

How Guest Posting are Your Ultimate Weapons In Modern SEO


First try to find out the related sites or pages which are offering the same topic as you this means that if you are owning a travel blog try to lookout for other travel, food bloggers across you.

Once you locate them down next thing you need to is interacting!. It’s the high time to get out of your comfort zone communication or interacting with your audience, fellow bloggers is important. It’s the world of social media, you can contact your fellow bloggers easily try to find out did they heard about you, their experience in writing blogs gather up all the information needed.

In SEO optimization there is a concept of linking which decides the ranking of the page with rest of the factors. Linking is basically done when you are a guest writer on someone else’s page or site when you write up some content for them you get tagged in that page, if the audience or regular visitors of the respective site or page find your content useful and helping they might click on the link to your own site. In turn the guest writer can offer the same i.e giving a link to their page and encouraging your audience to visit it.

The concept of “Recommendation” has always been trust worthy.

We’ll understand the concept in detail by taking an example: Rahul a 26 yrs old student specializes in Database concepts i.e Back End Development he has done all the advanced courses in this specific field.

One day he decides to host a site regarding the same to help other students all over the world. His aim through this hosting of website was, not all the students can afford advanced education, external tutorials since they are costly and not available easily.

He launches his site, courses start from the basics of database in increasing levels.

After some time he observes that his pages are not getting much traffic or audience even though this was not his main aim i.e to expand his site but to provide education for the needy ones. One fine day he learns about SEO and tries to implement it.

He discovers the concept of links, so what he starts to find all other sites offering technological support, education. There’s a advantage to him because database is the building block of the entire world !!

The entire world is revolving around data storage, data science so he lists out the sites offering courses where database is necessary such as Android application development, web based applications etc.

He outreach to bloggers & starts to get to know how thier site works and the audience. He asks the owner of the pages or sites for Guest posting i.e writing an article for their page and telling their audience about the importance of Back end development and he can do the same by encouraging his audience to go for Front end Development technologies.

In these way both Rahul as well as the Owner of the other site get recommended by each other through backlinks thus increasing SEO optimization. SEO basically searches for the keywords, content and if anyone is recommending your page. Greater the recommendation the ranking will also increase and so will be the audience.

When Rahul did guest post for once he realized that there is being traffic on his pages, the visitors started to like the content.

So Rahul is now thinking of making more friends and learning about the fellow writers related to the Front end development. In such a way Guest posting did help Rahul to increase his audience. You can do the same start finding about surrounding, your fellow bloggers etc contact them and ask them to give you a opportunity for guest posting.

Firstly you have to express your page to the owner of other in an interesting way so that you get a chance.
Then try not to blab about your site or page this won’t give a good image i.e when you are writing an article try to focus on the content which is relevant to their site for eg. you are a traveler visiting many places around the globe learning about their cuisine,tradition etc.

Now you are supposed to find relevant sites such as places to visit, stay, eat etc. Consider you are about to guest post on Food Blog:a page which gives you information about places to eat in different city,states etc.

Here you have describe the place initially then start building up the topic i.e Food share your experiences where do you recommend eating,taste of food etc.

By the end of article tell the audience about yourself in short 3-4 links and backlinking your site if they are interested in travel vlogs. These are things you should remember finding relevant sites, proper content, introduce yourself in last and backlink your site. SEO gives alot of preference to backlinks which directly affects the ranking of the page and audience.

Hence Guest Posting is important for increasing the traffic and expanding your wings around the world!!

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