Factors that affects Google Ranking “Breaking News” in Search Results

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Mostly we don’t hear news related to Google ranking system usually news related to android mobiles users, desktop, etc are chosen in order to expose users to diverse perspectives. There is always automatic editor which selects stories are going to be display on top.

Google Ranking Breaking News

The procedure of ranking in Google news includes the following factors:-

  • Uniqueness of content
  • Variation of content
  • Quality textual content
  • Originality of content

Apart from these guidelines, one should remember few technical factors that could affect the ranking of your website in the Google News. It includes other factors like linking of your website with other relevant site and descriptive and accurate <title> and <alt tags> in your articles’ code.

Use of Google-friendly website can help you to improve ranking on the SERP’s. With the help of original, authoritative, and timely news information related to your site can help you to rank well in Google News.
If we look at the News and latest top stories section in the search results are using complete algorithm and partially based on the content, bit on the type of queries or usually the way in which we think it makes sense to show websites with that kind of top stories set up there. Even it depends on the type of AMP on your pages and also keep a check that whether it is valid AMP or not and all of these things are taken as one. Essentially, This is a part of organic ranking and that kind of determines which URLs we want to show in which parts of the search results.
We don’t often hear about how Google ranks their news related results nor how the “Top Stories” are chosen for desktop and mobile users. Usually when someone from the search team comments on the news results, it is to say they use their own algorithm for news.

Today most news stories have no direct link equity with those news stories, this would be taken as poor signal, although overall link value to the site could be used. Appearing in Google News does not involve exact science either, as we have seen stories in these sections that are not in Google News, or at least not ranking well.

Some factors which plays an important role to drive the traffic to your website which automatically improves the ranking of your website are:-

  1. Getting Backlinks to your website are Still Crucial
  2. Domain Factors
  3. Quality Content should be their with its uniqueness and originality.
  4. Proper User Interaction & User Experience should be their.
  5. Use of Sitemap for the Website
  6. Nicely and clear Web Designing should be done
  7. Involves Promotion of website on different Social Media Platforms in order to drive better traffic and to gather new audience.
  8. Proper two way communication should be done on the Positive Feedback from the Audience
  9. Use of Images and Videos attracts more audience.
  10. Localization will be Important because it involves all the local keywords which targets your local area in which you have set up your business and it leads to better ranking in the search engine’s.
  11. Meta Tags are Crucial and it is necessary to use them.
  12. Proper Internal Site Linking should be done.
  13. Set Server Location according to your target location
  14. SSL Certificate
  15. Use of W3 Consortium Validation to keep a proper check on your coding part, whether they are matching with the W3 consortium standards and you also need to check whether the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML codes used in your website are valid.


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