7 Websites to Find Royalty Free Images for your Blog

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Blogging is a passion. It is an awesome hobby that brings new opportunities as well as becomes a good source of income for many bloggers. Every year hundreds of bloggers start their own blogs in order to share their knowledge as well as to make a living. In this blog we will discuss on royalty free images for commercial use and blogging site.

5 Websites to Find Royal Free Images for your Blog


While starting a new website, bloggers often face lots of issues such as

  • Publishing unique and quality content
  • Writing SEO-Friendly articles
  • Copyright issues for images and many more

In all of these issues, searching copyright free images on the internet is a big problem. A majority of images on the internet are either copyrighted or premium/paid images. If someone uses copyrighted pictures then it can violate the Google’s image copyright policy and may get penalised. This will affect adversely on the blog visibility and the ranking of blog will be decreased in the SERP results.

On the other hand, using premium images for blog posts is highly unprofitable operation for new bloggers. The minimum price of each image on the stock photography websites ranges $5 to $20. For new bloggers, it is very difficult to afford and purchase premium images for their blogs. So, they have to rely on free image download sites or free blogging tools.


Luckily, there are numbers of websites that offer royalty free images on the internet that can be used on the blog without any fear of copyright violation.

If you are going to launch a new blog and looking for ways to find the copyright free images then luckily we have a created a list of websites that offer royalty free images for commercial use or personal use.

Free image download sites list:

1. Pixabay.com

pixabay - free image download site


Pixabay is a fantastic place to find amazing and high quality images for blogs. Here you can get more than 0.9 million images that are not copyrighted and these are free to use.

You can find here different types of free photos, vector graphics, videos, and illustrations. In addition to that, you can also use these images for commercial purposes and there is no attribution required.

2. Unsplash.com

unsplash - free image download site


It is another great platform to get free high resolution photos for blog posts. On this website, you will get high quality images related to beautiful landscapes, mountains, rivers and something related to nature. All of these images are interesting and breathtaking. Remember, attribution is required here.

3. Desygner


Desygner has Royalty Free Images with over 120 million image from shutterstock, you can get high quality image for free,for personal or commercial use, image like vectors, illustrations, are available. with drag and drop software.

4. Picjumbo.com

picjumbo - free image download site


Picjumbo is another great place to find royalty free stock photos. Here you can get lots of photos which are related to food, beverages, lifestyle and technology. If you are going to start a lifestyle/food related blog then searching images from this website should be your priority. Likewise Pixabay, there is no attribution is required for their images.

5. Freepik.com

freepik.com - free image download site


Freepik is a best website for those people who are looking for free vectors, icons and PSD photos. From this website, you can easily navigate hundreds of free images and PSD files. You can easily download your desired photos and icons. However, you need attribution for using their images.

6. Freeimages.com

freeimages.com- free image download site


This website has hundreds of thousands free images which are categorised into different sets and categories. You can easily download images related to business and finance, lifestyle, nature and many more. Remember, downloading and using images from this website may require attribution.

7. Pikwizard


Pikwizard is an excellent source of high-quality stock photography. You can also take any of the images and edit them on graphic design tool, Design Wizard. Pikwizard prides itself on its high-quality images of people, which are few and far between on the best stock photography sites. There is also no attribution required.

8. Stockphotos.com

Grace your websites and blogs with a large reservoir of over six million royalty-free, licensed images at stockphotos.com. You can also access completely free images from the free stock photos list.

Reusable images:

The royalty-free license frees you to leverage the boundless creative potential these images pack. Enjoy a restriction-free usage of these superior-quality images to fulfil either personal or commercial purposes.

The flexibility to use a single image on multiple platforms, including social media, email newsletters, websites, blogs, is an ideal opportunity for a brand whose marketing revolves around a key image.

Diverse collection of images:

From lifestyles and businesses to appealing illustrations, stock photos come packed with visual assets for every niche your brand may require.


The best part is how you find the most relevant on-demand photos without breaking your budget.

Even the most high-resolution images are ready to be purchased in less than $1!
The premium top-notch quality images are also within the $10 range and we kid you not, each image is well worth the money spent on it.

Immediate downloads:

Stock photos makes buying photos online an effortless process. You just browse through their library, select the image you love and that suits your pocket, enter your payment option and details and the download is ready!

So everything is set here for your new blogging website, allude to these sites to free images for website use and shed the worry of paying substantial chunks of money for premium pictures. One thing that you need to hook up here is that just because these images are not subjected to copyright, it does not mean they have poor quality. All the pictures are of superior quality with high resolution on these websites.

Apart from the above mentioned lists, there are numbers of other websites from where you can get free images without spending a penny. Wow!

Lastly, if you know any other website that offers royalty free images then feel free to mention it in comment box

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