Best SEO Tips for Beginners

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There are so many websites across the internet. Only a few of them appear on the front page of Google. Why do those sites stay ahead of other ones? The answer is SEO. A website needs to get a good ranking in order to appear in a better position in Google search.

Best SEO Tips for Beginners

Engaging and relevant content with better traffic makes that happen together. Companies of web design in Adelaide offer you SEO-friendly sites. So if you plan to run a website, here are some essential SEO tips to follow.

• Content is the king

The core of an effective SEO strategy is keyword research. While well-written content keeps the readers stay on your page, keywords help them to find out the content from the ocean of information. An SEO-based article is written with primary and secondary keywords. Knowing how to use the keywords strategically might prove to be the game-changer

Primary keywords are the main focus of the landing page. It is about the description of the page and is connected to your brand purpose. Besides content quality, the primary keywords are an essential focus of your content.

• Short Descriptive URLs

URLs hold importance when it comes to optimizing on-page SEO efforts. How do you structure the URLs for your content can improve your page’s SEO rankings. Include your keyword in your URL to make it effective. It should cater to the people’s eye. That’s what makes it easy for readers to quickly comprehend the webpage.

Short and concise URLs are preferable. A Url around 60 characters looks ideal. Some search engines that can’t process more extensive URLs push down the results page. Therefore web design in Adelaide keeps the URL short and simple.

• Mobile-friendly Website

With the increasing usage of Smartphones, people tend to browse websites via mobiles besides computers. Design your website in such a way that easily open and runs smoothly on a mobile screen. In the second quarter of 2020, mobile browsing has increased up to 50% than earlier. Hence, there is a demand for mobile-friendly ness in today’s market. Design your site accordingly.

• Page Title and Meta Description

Of course, keywords impact the content you write. It should also be used on page titles and meta descriptions. These are two basic HTML components to optimize your page. Apply the easy technical SEO edits if you are a beginner. Try to use a platform you find convenient and easy to use. Choose a platform where editing is easy.

SEO title and meta description are the things that show up in Google search results. The short description plays a crucial role to catch a visitor’s eyes. Based on that, he decides whether to click on the site or not. Make the meta description impactful, for that really plays an important role.

• Link building

Link building might look confusing. Why should you lead people away somewhere else! Surprisingly, it is a valuable technique to improve domain ranking. Connect your other article to a recent one and also put backlinks to other websites of similar topics. The backlinks make their connection through external websites. Which further affects positively on a site’s SEO ranking and search visibility. It is a mutual way to grow through the internet business.

• Avoid Slow Loading

A page loading time impacts your SEO result. The bounce rate is higher with heavy loading pages. Think like a reader. Who wants to visit a page that takes much time to load? Check your site speed with free SEO tools available across the internet. Review your website as a visitor. Check if there are elements dragging down the load time. Remove unnecessary plugins or restructure them. You are likely to get increase traffic after optimization.


These are some notable tips for better SEO. Following these will keep you ahead in the race. We tried to guide you to the best of our knowledge. If you find this piece of article useful, our purpose is successful. Web design in Adelaide is done keeping the above matters in mind. Share your website running experience with us.

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