5 Simple Tips to Boost your SEO Strategy

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SEO Strategy is the way in which a website is organised to optimise its likelihood to appear in search results on search engines such as Google or Bing. Having an SEO strategy is pivotal to get a website seen and ranking by the intended audience. There are many ways in which a website and its content can be optimised, helping it to climb up the search ranks.

5 Simple Tips to Boost your SEO Strategy

Publish relevant and specific content

Publishing relevant content is a great way to rank in the search results. Publishing content that users are searching for can increase site traffic drastically. Make sure to do some research into the niche and find out what users are searching for. Many websites can help with this research.

Content must also be relevant to the website that it is posted on, creating a website that appeals to one specific niche is key to gaining a retainable audience. Focusing on one niche also means that users will most likely be interested in other articles and will spend more time on the website.

Create quality content

As well as relevant and specific content, the content must be high quality. Questions must be answered in-depth, bringing answers and worth to the user. Articles that answer specific questions well will rank higher; these articles are also more shareable within the given community.

Researching other websites in the same niche is also key, take a look at what other websites are posting and see how the articles can be improved and made more specific to the given niche. Make sure not to copy or plagiarise though as articles similar won’t rank on search results.

Get help

Sometimes creating high-quality SEO feels impossible, the world of SEO is hard to understand and manage so feel free to contact an SEO partner who will help to implement the tools needed to make a website rank. These services come at varying costs, make sure to do some research about the best SEO Specialists in a given niche.

Build a well-designed website

Creating quality, specific, and relevant content is important but is pointless if the website it’s on is unusable. Creating a well-designed website that is easy to navigate will help users read not only the article they were looking for but will also encourage them to explore other pages, engaging in more content. The higher amount of time spent on the website will also help the website to rank higher.

When building a well-designed website, consider the way the website is used. If it’s to sell products, show best sellers on the home page and highlight product images. If it is a blog, make sure the newest and most popular posts are pushed to the top so that users can find the best quality work first. Consider creating a site map, this is a file that provides search engines with information to easily navigate through the website’s pages, videos, and an images. A site map is needed to appear on google news. Therefore, for news or blog websites this might be worth considering.


Keywords are one of the best and most known ways to optimise a website’s SEO. Using keywords that focus on the given niche of the website will help users’ searches to match with the content on the website. Long-tail keywords are also important, this means using phrases.

Answering questions in titles is another way to optimise SEO through keywords. For example, how-to posts or list posts showing the easiest ways to complete a task or showing the 5/10 best examples of a given topic. These posts help to answer a user’s question and therefore if they are relevant and specific to a niche, they will help a website rank.

So, what are 5 Simple Tips to Boost Your SEO Strategy?

There are many ways to boost an SEO strategy however focusing on keywords in specific, relevant, and high-quality content while designing an easy-to-use and attractive website could be stated to be the most simple and effective. Should these options still seem daunting, contacting an SEO specialist for support or an SEO strategy is a quick and easy way to get a page ranking.

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