Drive to These 4 Surreal Places Near Pune

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Pune is not only renowned as The Oxford of the East but also is a popular destination to experience nature’s best-kept secrets. A global report on Pune tourism reveals that over 15 million domestic visitors and half-million foreigners come to Pune every year to explore the scenic beauty of the place.

Adding to that, the comfort provided by self-drive cars Pune service, it has become extremely easy for travellers to effortlessly explore architectural masterpieces, stunning greeneries and mystic hill stations of Pune. Having a vast fleet of comfortable cars and 24*7 road assistance, booking self-drive cars in Pune is a complete no-brainer.

Now, let’s unveil these surreal places near Pune that are worth witnessing:


1. Osho Ashram

Witness the Wellness Experience of a Lifetime

Osho Ashram

Located at the Koregaon Park in Pune, Osho Ashram is a renowned meditation center that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, especially foreigners across the globe every year. The mysterious Ashram is open only for members; non-members are required to buy a one-day pass to enter and roam around the Ashram. The typical meditation schedule at Osho Ashram includes Vipassana meditation, Dynamic meditation, Kundalini meditation and Nadabrahma meditation.

If you’re into meditation, peace and spirituality, this place is surely not to be missed. Additionally, booking your ticket & a comfy self-drive car in Pune in advance will ensure you reach & explore the site with ease.


2. Aga Khan Palace

A Major Historical Destination

Aga Khan Palace

Built-in 1892 by Sultan Agha Khan, the Aga Khan Palace is an architectural masterpiece that is quite popular among Pune visitors. It is a place where most popular freedom fighters were imprisoned, including Mahatma Gandhi. Witness its architectural excellence & revisit the history of Pune.

The place is just a 30-min drive from Pune Railway station. With the help of a reliable self-drive car rental in Pune, you can effortlessly reach the Aga Khan Palace and experience its historical significance.

Bonus Tip – Secure your spot by booking tickets in advance. You’ll be saved from time-troubles.


3. Shaniwar Wada

The Pride of the Maratha Empire

3. Shaniwar Wada

Another historical monument to witness in Pune, Shaniwar Wada’s foundation, was laid by Bajirao Peshwa in the year 1730 AD. It was the seat of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. In 1828, it was destroyed by fire and rebuilt & converted into a tourist attraction.

Experience the tragic yet rich history of Pune’s Shaniwar Wada with your buddies. Find a reliable self-drive car rental in Pune and head to Shaniwar Wada to explore this enigmatic historical landmark.


4. Vetal Hill

A Paradise for Bird Lovers

Vetal Hill

If you’re fond of rare & exotic birds, you’ll fall in love with this place. Vetal Hill is the highest hill in Pune with an altitude of 2600 ft. Besides being a base of exotic birds, serene greenery and amazing hill views, this place is also a perfect place for trekkers. This gem of a hill offers an ideal escape from exhausting city life.

Being just 10 km away from Pune Railway Station, reaching Vetal hill is a piece of cake. With the help of self-drive cars in Pune, you can roam around the Vetal Hill & other parts of the Pune city without thinking much about safety, comfort and roadside assistance. Moreover, it’s extremely easy to book a self-drive car in Pune, and you can even find a super-spacious 8 seater car on rent in Pune to comfortably voyage around the city.

Book A Self-Drive Car in Pune & Explore its Scenic Beauty

Surrounded by dense forests and surreal beauties, Pune is a complete treat to the eyes. Witness the city’s best-kept secrets with your family or gang of friends by booking self-drive cars in Pune. We recommend opting for a super-reliable car rental service when visiting Pune. For instance, Zoomcar, which is counted amongst the top service providers of the best self-drive car rental in Pune, is making it easier for people keen to explore beautiful places like Pune with supreme comfort.

Now, opt for the best self-drive car rental in Pune & head straight to the places mentioned above this summer. You could thank us later.

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