The Most Common Workplace Injuries

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One of the biggest challenges facing employers is the prevalence of workplace injury claims. It is the responsibility of an employer to make sure that the workplace they provide for their employees is not only safe, but also to make sure they are comfortable and not partaking in and form of work that could cause physical injury. Employers should take a look at this list of common workplace injuries as a guide to the precautions they need to take to prevent any claims being made against them. For example slip and fall lawyers can help the employees to claim for any such injury at workspace for poor infrastructure of the workplace. A good idea about workplace injuries should be in the mind of the employee through legal advice to claim for such injury from employer.

The Most Common Workplace Injuries


Slip and Fall, and Toxic Inhalation

‘Slip and fall’ accidents are the most common cause of workplace injuries, and usually happen when there is a wet floor without a warning sign. Falling as a result of stepping onto a slippery surface can have a range of consequences, from a bruise to severe back injuries, so don’t underestimate the importance of wet floor signs when there has been a spillage or a leak.

Some industries require employees to work with harmful substances such as chemicals, or work in environments with toxic fumes. Employers in these industries need to make sure that they provide all of the necessary PPE equipment, as toxic inhalation in particular is another of the most common topics of workplace injury claims. The inhalation of toxins can have a life-changing impact, for example working with asbestos has been proven to increase someone’s chances of developing cancer.

Strains and Fights

Strains are easily caused by a number of typical workplace situations, especially when it comes to working in an office or in a job that is heavily centred on manual labour. If you’re lifting heavy objects you are bound to strain a muscle. If you’re sitting in an office chair all day that hasn’t been designed properly, you will develop back ache, and repetitive strain injury is a common consequence of working on computers typing for long stretches of time.
There are ways to avoid these problems, such as using desktop wrist supports and lifting in a certain way. More surprising is the number of physical fights that take place at work, which are another of the most common causes of injury. Aggrieved employees take their frustrations out one another or their superior colleagues in some cases, rather than lodging a formal complaint.

Falling Objects and Lacerations

Next, we come to falling objects and the impact they can have on employee health. Most workplaces will have shelving and other storage units above head height, and an act as simple as not replacing something securely enough can result in a serious injury claim. There are lots of law firms like this Las Vegas Workers Compensation Lawyer who specialise in cases like this, who won’t hesitate to try and get justice for their client.

In manufacturing companies, lacerations are very common thanks to the use of sharp instruments and machinery. Even in offices employees are using a variety of tools which can cause cuts, so make sure safety advice is always given, and the correct protective equipment is provided.

To conclude, ‘slip and fall’ accidents, toxic inhalation, strains, injuries from fights and falling objects, and lacerations are the most common causes of workplace injury claims. As an employer you should take a proactive approach to safety precautions, no matter how menial it may seem, rather than underestimating the potential consequences of not doing so, which can be catastrophic. It’s really important that you try everything you can to make sure that the workplace is a safe environment, however, accidents do happen for all kinds of reasons, so if you are a business owner, then it might be worthwhile you checking out these seven types of insurances you might need.

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