Best DIY Ideas to Escalate the Use of Custom Cardboard Boxes

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Is there a lot of cardboard lying around your house? It does not matter if they are from a shipment or if you have recently relocated and have all the moving boxes left over. You can only dispose of cardboard boxes by breaking them down and taking them to a recycling center, right? Everyone does it, but have you thought about how you might use that box differently?

The kids may have enjoyed playing with the boxes or making a puppet theater with them. I have found a few better uses for them that your kids will enjoy. Additionally, you can use them as an inside dog house, drawer dividers, and a variety of other things throughout the house to organize.

Here are some fantastic ideas to reuse cardboard boxes!

Door numbers for apartments

In an apartment, you can use old cardboard boxes as door numbers. It is not for houses. They give an elegant look when they are completed. You can print out the numbers you want to use. Moreover, you can draw them by hand if you are artistic. In sum, cardboard packaging is the best for making assorted items.

Beautiful Cardboard Trays

You can turn these cardboard boxes into beautiful trays! It is simple to make, and you can save different products, such as jewelry and other items. Moreover, you can decorate the tray with scrapbook paper, fabric, or whatever else you wish.

Indoor Dog House

If you are a pet lover and have a puppy, you can make a little house for your dog with these custom boxes. There is no doubt your puppy will enjoy it a lot. Although it is not beneficial for outdoor dog houses, it is perfect for indoor puppy homes.

Drawer Dividers

Do you want to present your products in a sophisticated way? If yes, you do not need to worry because you have cardboard. It is one of the simplest ways to organize your products. You can make a section in your drawer with these custom boxes that will help to arrange your goods. You need to cut these packages so they can hold the products tightly.

Play Thing for Your Kitty

If you are a cat lover and want to make toys for your cat. So, custom cardboard boxes are right here. You can make different things of playing for your kitty. Moreover, it is a cheap way to get happiness for your pet.

Documents Holder

It is essential to store important documents securely. To keep it safe, roll it up in a cardboard tube – and hide it if necessary. It is also a great way to organize and save children’s artwork. Moreover, you can also make different sections in the document holder.

Wires Organizer

These boxes are perfect for organizing hair tools, phone cables, and computer cords. Moreover, you can seal them with colorful tape. In addition, it is used to secure vital products.

Creative Cardboard Toys

You were amazed to know the exceptional use of cardboard boxes. You can make different types of toys, such as a little car, train, etc., to entertain your kids. Furthermore, it is the most convenient and cost-effective way to make beautiful toys in less time.

Cardboard clocks

This project perhaps will consume more time, but it would be the unique one. You can make a stylish clock by using custom cardboard boxes. The first thing you need to do is to cut a large circle. After cutting the circle, stick numbers with glue on the surface. Then, drill a hole in the center and attach the batter-operated clock unit.

Cardboard playhouse

If you have a little princess and she is asking for you a play house, you do not need to worry! Instead of buying an expensive playhouse, you can make it by yourself with the use of cardboard boxes. You can design these boxes with different initials. In addition, it is cost-effective, and you can make it easier. Just cut into the numerous shapes to build a playhouse for your princess, and then embellish it with accessories. Now, a playhouse is ready for your doll.

Picture frames

With cardboard boxes, you can make picture frames. Firstly, cut out the box in a frame shape, then glue it onto the surface with scrapbook paper or anything else that you desire the most! After doing all these things, add some designs in it to make it more unique and embellished. Then you can fill your memories in this frame!

Gift tags

You always get gift tags from shops at ridiculous prices. But do you know, this is also a thing that you can make with cardboard boxes. Cut the boxes in the shapes of tags, drill a hole on one end of the gift tag, and then fill a rope in this hole. After doing this, fill them with colors to make them more captivating for the customers.

Stationery holders

If you are a student and want a box to arrange your stationery. You don’t need to bother if you have a cardboard box! Moreover, you can make stylish boxes for your stationery items at cheap rates. You just need to cut the box, and after cutting stick them with glue. Then you can put your products in it. Moreover, you can decorate it with different shades or beads to make it even more stunning. Additionally, you can easily make this box using pocket money.

Here is what it comes down to

From the above discussion, you may come to know how much cardboard boxes are essential. A cardboard box will fulfill all your needs, whether you want to make a playhouse, gift tags, wire organizers, or clocks. Plus, you can make all the items at a lower cost. Briefly, these custom boxes are the best way to get the intention of others!

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