App Idea for Calendaring and Note-taking apps: 3 Popular Apps to Checkout before Developing Successful Daily Planner App for 2019

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We have welcomed New Year 2019, and you might be searching for the best calendaring and note-taking app to make plans for this year. No success is possible without proper planning. The quality planning includes to-dos, a list of upcoming tasks, and organize other activities.

Calendar and note-taking applications are the worth-having apps for planning and organizing activity of personal and professional life.

3 Popular Apps to Checkout before Developing Successful Daily Planner App for 2019

There are some smartphones built with calendar apps, while third-party apps are also available in App Store to accomplish your daily note-taking and calendar related activities.

If you are looking for something with a bit more pizazz, you must add some great calendaring and note-taking apps that help you to be more organized and productive. A newly launched iOS calendar app, Capsicum, lets you track your events and to-dos. Capsicum app also allows you to track other things like long-term plans, your daily habits, journal entries, and so on, although it is not tied to specific date and time.

The application has three main cases, i.e. Planning, Habit tracking and Loose Leaf, each with their own tab at the bottom of the home screen.

Capsicum enables to sync with Apple’s Calendars, so a user won’t miss their scheduled events. After completing daily to-dos activities, a user can check them off as they could a list in Apple’s Notes. However, if it is uncompleted, you can be moved over to another day.

The next section is the daily planner that let users jot down free-form notes. This section is used for just writing and journaling things you want to remember like health concerns, moods, thoughts, etc.

Capsicum’s center tab enables to manage user’s habits. This section helps users, particularly, to make a list of New Year Resolutions. Through this section, users can make a log of their daily activities reading to reading, work out, drinking water, etc. through a single tap or Siri Shortcut.

“Loose Leaf” section has a large page for users to write long-form journal entries. In this section, users can write personal or anything lists that don’t belong to a particular day like travel plans, meeting with friends, etc.

Not a generic app, capsicum can be personalized with decorative tapes, stunning covers and headings to make more like your own notebook. Even, users can create more than one notebook in this app to maintain separate by personal life and years, for example.

Just like Capsicum, a beautiful daily planner for iOS, you can make your own daily planner app like Capsicum for Android and iOS devices by adding below given three attractive features.

Zoho Notebook – known for Excellent Management

There is an uncountable number of note-taking apps available in the app store, but Zoho Notebook is best of all, as it helps to manage different types of notes equally. Each of cards has a unique color, i.e. Red for Audio, Yellow for Text, Blue for Checklist, which helps users for easy identification.

Zoho Notebook supports many gestures like pinch to group notes into a stack, flick to find the note and so on. Regardless of its rich feature set, Zoho Notebook is free to download and available for iOS, Android, Web, and macOS.

Dropbox Paper – Known for Best Collaboration

There are some situations when you have to work with a colleague to collect or share information on a common project. To manage such a situation, the best collaborative note taking the app, Dropbox Paper is available both iOS and Android. This app can also access online through a browser.

Dropbox Paper gives a collaborative workspace, where you and your team can add/ edit notes, review ideas and do meetings. Being a task management tools, this app allows to assign to-do lists, add due dates and mention others from the active document.

This app also allows you to add comments to a specific part of the image in the document, isn’t it an excellent feature. It also connects your calendar to Paper to find appropriate documents to the meeting’s agenda. In Paper’s workspace, users can add almost any content types, including image, GIFs, audio, YouTube videos and so on.

Dropbox Paper works excellent with an application like Invision and Sketch, a design toolkit helps designers to create interactive mockups for your designs. This app also integrates well with the cloud storage service, as well.

Evernote – Best Note-Taking App

Evernote app is considered as a best note-taking app, as it consists of a wide range of exceptional organizational features and digital information. The best note-taking app, Evernote, lets users to take note in different formats like audio, video, text, images, annotated Web page clippings, and so on.

These notes can be treated as virtual notebooks and managed by using tools like shortcuts and tags. One of the best things about an app like Evernote is it allows to configure reminders that can be easily shared with other users through email. With Evernote’s Web Clipper extension, users save Web pages with just a click and annotate them with highlights and visual callouts.

Evernote app can also scan documents, business cards and so on using a smartphone’s camera to digitize everything. Even, it synchronizes your content across multiple devices to allow users to access it from phone, tablet or PC.

The Bottom Line

As you have just gone through the unique features, which help you in developing the best calendaring and note-taking apps like Evernote, Zoho, Drop Paper and Capsicum.

No matter for what purpose you are going to use the note-taking mobile app, integrating these unique features will surely take your business to the next level.

If you have an idea to develop note-taking and calendar app, which you want to discuss with our mobile app development team, you can get in touch with us. Our mobile app developers have already developed many note-taking and calendar app with unique features and functionality.

So, if you want to develop a note-taking app and want to discuss how much does it cost to develop a calendar and note-taking app or what’s the right way to hire professional app developers to develop an app for Android, iOS or cross-platform, you can get in touch with us through our contact form.

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