How to Boost App Installs for More Organic from Google Play?

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Google Play’s algorithms vary frequently, the design of this ad campaign varies, but the importance of increasing app support remains unchanged. Installations are your path to high program evaluation and marketing.

How to Boost App Installs for More Organic from Google Play?

Organic installs are installs made by your potential customers. Such installs are the most useful and necessary for organic traffic. Firstly, to boost app installs you should create keywords and run optimization. Ask yourself a few questions about the features of your application and the problems which it solves. By answering these questions, you get the essence. The basis is a bunch of the most meaningful words that describe your application. Try creating a large cloud of keywords to choose from. Once you’ve created your keywords, you should check them for relevancy. You need to enter a keyword in the search field and analyze the search results. If you see applications similar to yours in the results, then the keyword is accurate, if not, it is better to remove it from your list.

You should pre-run optimization of mobile application, or in other words improve important parts of the application – keywords, title, description, icon, and screenshots. Description plays an important role for Android applications, so it should be unique and reflect all the positive aspects of the application. The icon is the first thing that grasps the attention of a potential user, so make it attractive. To do this, you can ask for help from a designer. Screenshots should contain text with keywords to increase your ranking.

After that, you can boost app installs. It involves a specific program of action. Special users enter your chosen keywords, find your app, download it, and perform some actions in the app. The algorithm considers that as install and recalculates your rating. But long-term success is not easy. You can’t buy any number of motivated installs at once and watch the development of your application. The algorithm will consider this suspicious, and you may lose an existing rank or even exit the index. To get started, you need to run a test campaign that shows the optimal number of installs for each keyword. Place an order with 4-5 keywords and approximately 10-15 settings for each, and monitor the dynamics of your ranking. Only after this campaign, you are able to buy the main keyword installs. Once you reach the top 20 for a particular keyword, you should start a separate campaign for each keyword and boost app installs 1.5 times every two days.

Ratings and reviews are also important to boost app installs of the application. Positive reviews can be purchased on special marketing platforms. You can also buy them from popular bloggers, but you should check and make sure that the blogger’s audience matches the audience of your application. In motivational reviews, you can use brand names and popular search queries.

Consider all parts of your app carefully before you start to boost app installs for more organic, and your marketing will bring you top results. is a self-service platform for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

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