8 Tips on Hiring the Best Removalist

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Millions of people move around the world each year. It can be great when the process goes well and without a lot of issues. A majority of people who make it through the moving process without a lot of problems find it’s due to proper planning and preparation. Planning can be a tedious process, but it can help your move be successful. Below are some tips for finding the best removalist for the job. A reputable company like Brisbane Northside Removalists will have you in your new home quickly and easily.

8 Tips on Hiring the Best Removalist


1. Find A Removalist That Takes Inventory

When you are comparing different companies, choose one that will come and take proper inventory of your belongings. This is the only reliable way a moving company can give you an accurate estimate for costs and how long it will take them to complete. If you are moving far or out of the country, this is more important because they need to accurately weigh your belongings for transport. Accurate estimates will allow you to budget appropriately for your move.

2. Thorough Walk-Through

As with the inventory, you will want to hire a removalist that takes time to perform a thorough walk-through of your home. They should ask questions about your current home and where you are moving to. Let them know which items will be moved, which will be thrown away and what items you are planning to donate to charity.

3. Don’t Pay In-Full Up Front

It can be a red flag to hire a removalist company that asks for full payment before they complete their services. Reputable moving companies will not usually demand full or large payments before rendering services. If you pay a large deposit or in-full before moving day, you won’t always be guaranteed to see your belongings again. When paying, use a credit card to keep yourself protected from fraudulent activities with your bank account. The last thing you want to deal with after moving is not having access to your checking account due to fraud.

4. Avoid Companies That Change Names

Some removalist companies will try and avoid their bad reputation by changing the name of their company regularly. Always check a company’s license and company information to ensure they are reputable before you hand over any money for services.

5. Obtain References Before Hiring

If you cannot get any recommendations from your family members, friends or coworkers you trust, you will be able to get a list of reliable companies to consider by looking online. You can also tell a lot about a company by looking at their reviews from past customers. When interviewing companies, ask them if they can give you at least three references to call. Ask past customers specific questions about their work with the company in question.

6. Avoid Extra Packing Costs

If you plan to pack your belongings yourself, the movers are not typically responsible for damage during transportation. On the other hand, you may find some removalists will inflate their prices for packing materials, boxes and labor. Inquire about each cost associated with hiring movers, especially if you plan to take advantage of extra services such as packing and unpacking.

7. Watch Closely For Hidden Fees

Many removalist companies will charge extra for their services without being open about it. They will often add fees in later to your estimate and you won’t know about them unless you take the time to go over the estimate and contract thoroughly. For example, if you are moving from a single-story home to a fifth-floor condo, you may get charged extra for having them move your belongings up flights of stairs. Additionally, they may charge extra if you have kids or pets getting in the way of them working.

8. Never Sign A Blank Contract

It is never a good idea to sign a blank contract, even if you are sure the company is reputable. Anything can happen during the moving process, you need a detailed contract to protect yourself. The estimate, moving time, fees and all extra services should be on the contract and thoroughly explained. Be sure all of your belongings are included on the inventory list in case you need to file a claim.

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