6 Tips for Working Moms to Manage Their Mental Health Better

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In addition to their physical health, the mental health of working mothers also needs to be maintained properly. This is because the busyness at the office as well as at home can make working mothers vulnerable to stress. Thus, for working moms to be able to stay happy while carrying out two roles at once, you should apply the best tips we have listed down below!

As an employee, you may be concerned with office or work-related tasks. However, when you get home, your role is still that of mother and wife. Even though your body is tired, like it or not mom will certainly intervene to simply prepare food for your family, spend time playing with your little one, or even clean up the house when you have time.

These routines can certainly take up your time, thought, and energy. If you can’t balance these roles, you will easily get stressed and prone to be overly sensitive. Thus why, so that you can stay “sane” and be able to go through everything, you need to do these things below to maintain your mental health. It is also important to prevent the emergence of burnout feelings.

1. Start the day with positivity

Before starting the day, you should wake up earlier and take the time to do something positive. For example, pray, meditate, or do a gratitude journal. Try to instill gratitude in your heart by thanking everything you have and everything you have done so far. Doing these can help you to improve mental health, create feelings of calm, and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

2. Make a priority list

Usually, a working mom will feel pressured by their routine, especially when things don’t go according to plan. For example, there is a work task that must be finished immediately, but at the same time, you need to purchase it for your child’s school trip needs. Of course, both of these two things can make you dizzy.

To ensure you can do everything without forgetting one another, you should create a priority list that can help you to know which thing you need to tackle in an orderly manner. Create a priority list right away in the morning, thus you will know what you should do next. For example, for the case above, you should target yourself to complete office assignments within a certain hour, and afterward slot in purchasing for your child’s school trip needs.

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3. Do video calls with your children

As a working mother, leaving your small child at home with a nanny or grandparents can certainly make you feel a little uneasy. So that your mind is not restless, you should do a video call with your little one during your break hour. It won’t take long, just 5 minutes is enough to know what your little one is doing at home and see their broad smile and cheerful laugh. This can be a mood booster and encouragement for working moms to return to work with full enthusiasm.

4. Make time for “me time”

Being busy for work and for your family, is not a reason for a mom to be unable to make time for themselves. You should spare some time to do the things that you like and prefer doing, such as shopping, eating your favorite food, watching the latest movies at the cinema, or getting body or hair treatments at the spa.

No need to feel guilty for doing “me time”. Because this is very important to reduce the stress you feel and keep you in a good mood. That way, you can be happy in carrying out all activities, from working to caring for the little one when you are at home.

5. Hanging out with friends

Apart from “me time”, you also need to make time to socialize and gather with your friends now and then. This can be the ultimate support system to help maintain your mental health.

6. Don’t compare your own life with others

One of the things that can make you depressed or sad all the time, is by comparing your own life with others. Remember, that grass might always be greener on the other side. However, you don’t need to compare your personal life with others. Because the truth is no life is perfect. Everyone certainly has their own challenges in their life. To keep your mental health in check, focus on the needs of yourself and your family, without worrying about other people.

Being a working mother might not always be easy, but as long as you have the proper support from people around you, most importantly from your partner – everything can work out just fine. Apply the tips we have curated above for you to be able to manage your mental health better!

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