7 Ways to Become More Intelligent

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In order to grow as a person, attract worth girls, and climb up the career ladder, you should develop. Upgrading the mind requires usually perseverance, learning many scientific theories, guidelines, and laws. However, the scientists have found the most unexpected ways that can help you answer the question, “How to become more intelligent?”

7 Ways to Become More Intelligent


1. Good sleep


Sleep has an important influence not only on the functioning of the body during the day but also on the ability to learn. Sleep helps preserve and “sort through” all the knowledge that has been received during the day. There was conducted an interesting memory test where all the volunteers were divided into 2 groups. Two hours before the test, one group was asleep, and another one didn’t have such opportunity. Those who had slept before the test showed the result on average 20% better than the members of the group who had not slept at all. Good sleep is one of the steps to become intelligent.


2. Chewing gum


It turns out that a chewing gum can increase cognitive abilities within a short period of time. This was proved by a test, in which 160 volunteers participated. Those who were chewing a chewing gum, fulfilled, on average, several additional tasks in comparison to those who did that test without a chewing gum in their mouths. The improved efficiency of the brain’s work is caused by the fact that a chewing gum gives an additional stimulus to the brain’s work, awakening it and allowing to focus more on the task at hand. What to do to become intelligent? Use a chewing gum when you need to focus on an important task.


3. Listening to music while studying


Listening to music, especially classical music, can make you more intelligent. For example, Beethoven’s works will help you learn more. Classical music with 60-70 beats per minute helps completely relax when the mind is calm and receptive. Imagination is stimulated at this moment, and the concentration of attention improves, this state is close to meditation.


4. Sadness


How to become highly intelligent? There is a direct connection between sadness and mental development. When a person is sad, their feelings become aggravated, and the brain begins to process the information with full attention to details that are especially important. In a state of sadness, the brain is not inclined to think in stereotypes, and it avoids the typical mistakes.


5. Writing by hand


Despite the era of computers and smartphones, the records that are made by your own hand on paper will never lose relevance. Besides, this action has a beneficial effect on the brain activity. Students who are writing down the lectures on paper, do not always have time to record all the words of the lecturer, so they have to shorten, replace words with pictures or other symbols. With further study of the records, the brain begins to analyze and decipher the material, this leads to better memorization. This method affects the brain more positively than recording lectures on a laptop, although it is less practical.


6. Writing by another hand (advice from meetwife.com)


How to become intelligent? The easiest way that you can use, is to change your hand. It may sound funny, but it’s about doing the most common activities with another active limb. For example, if you are a right-handed person, make it habit to use your left hand in everyday life, for example, to open the front door, to type the text, to use a computer mouse.

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