Top 5 Gifts for Nature Lovers

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If you have a nature lover in your life, you know that they can be somewhat difficult to shop for! If they are always on the go, camping, hiking, or climbing in nature, there are often very few things they want. So, when it comes time to buy them a gift, be it for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, their loved ones are lost. If you want to show the nature lover in your life that you care and also get them something they will truly like, consider these five gifts, both tangible and non-tangible.

A Mountain Ring to Remind Her of the Heights She Can Reach

Getting your nature-loving friend a ring may not be the first thing that comes to mind if she’s always outside, but a mountain ring may be just the ticket. This silver mountain ring reminds her that she can reach new heights, even when she is doubting herself. Plus, the minimalist ring’s peak design celebrates her love of the great outdoors. With this chic sterling silver ring, she can take a little piece of the mountains with her everywhere she goes.

A Golden Leaf Ring to Celebrate Her Green Thumb (Or Index Finger)

Another piece of jewelry that you may want to consider gifting your friend is one that takes the inspiration for its form directly from nature. A golden leaf ring wraps neatly and stylishly around any of her fingers for a laidback look suitable for any nature lover. This dainty golden leaf ring is nickel and tarnish free, which is perfect for a low-stress look. Give her this ring to remind her that you be-LEAF in her, no matter what she attempts.

A Hat to Keep Her Safe from the Sun

If your friend or family member is always walking, climbing, running, or hiking outside, it’s important to keep her safe from the sun’s rays. UV rays can be damaging to the skin and can cause long term serious damage or illness. The sun’s effects can also age skin quite a bit. Keep her protected by giving her a large sun hat for all her excursions.

A Yearlong National Parks Pass

For a true nature lover, especially one who loves to walk or hike lush trails, a national parks pass would be a wonderful gift. Give her a pass to one of the parks nearest to her, or surprise her with a yearlong pass to all of the national parks in the U.S. as a real treat.

A Donation to a Nature Conservancy in Her Name

Sometimes, a physical gift isn’t the best one you can give someone. For the girl who cares deeply about the environment but seems to already have everything she could need or want, a donation may be in order. Donate to a nature conservancy, land trust, or sustainability cause in her name. This will not only show her how much you care about her interests, but she will also appreciate that an environmental non-profit is getting the support it needs.

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