How to Make Father’s Day Special

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“A Father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love takes through.”

How to Make Fathers Day Special

Most of the time they are just quiet and reserved which makes us think they won’t acknowledge any gestures we do for them. That should not stop us in any way to express our feelings on how much they mean to us and we’d be nothing without their guidance all through. Father’s Day is one such occasion when we can make them feel special in a way. One of the memorable days in June is Father’s Day. Fathers deserve as much appreciation as mothers do. So here we have listed some of the ways to make this a notable day:

1. Don’t Just Buy A Present– Create Something:

Preparing gifts require a lot more effort than buying gifts and hence making a person believe how much they are cared for. Handmade gifts hold a special place in everyone’s heart. One can also prepare some moments to keep for a whole lifetime. We present you some of the ideas one can utilize to make this day extraordinary when it comes to handmade gifts:

  • A Handmade T-shirt.
  • A Self-knit sweater.
  • A box with why we love dad excerpts.
  • A card
  • A scrapbook with some messages and old pictures.
  • Bake a cake or their favourite sweet dish.

It’s time to get hands-on creativeness!

2. Breakfast in Bed:

Who doesn’t like breakfast in bed! Waking up to some of your favourited delicacies is an idea loved by all age groups. So why not wake up early and help your kids and let them help you. A simple breakfast like an omelette, some muffins, pancakes, a nice jar of juice, or their favourite sandwiches could make their day already. As it is said a way to person’s heart goes through their stomach, so why not start with this thought!

3. A Handwritten Letter:

Nothing can replace a handwritten letter to your loved ones. In this world of technology where everyone is just one click away, the value of handwritten letters expresses the language of love and care through a pen and paper. Moms can help their younger kids to write a letter to their dad giving all the reasons; he’s amazing not just as a father but as a husband, a friend, a brother, a son, etc. Maybe coming up with a funny anecdote that’ll probably make him amused.

You can also write some Father’s Day Quotes in Hindi or poems in any of your native languages. This is particularly an unmatchable gesture as letters are memory arrested making them feel deeply cared for.

4. Accompany Him on His Hobbies:

We are aware of the fact, that no male likes sitting idle, even in their free time. Stating the obvious, every man is addicted to some or other sport, whether it is playing or just watching the games. Just like the statement goes, if you can’t outrun them, run with them! Yield this time to accompany your dad to watch his favoured sport, ask him questions, and let him know that you’re curious about his favourite sports. Or even better take him to play with you, invite some of his friends or your siblings and start a match. They’ll clearly like the interest you are showing. Apart from watching or playing sports or games with him, you may also connect with him on his hobbies like doing some carpentry tasks at home, some gardening, or helping him cook.

5. Buy A Unique Present:

As easy as it sounds, buying gifts can be a hard task. Instead of buying something ready-made, why not make an effort to buy something customized especially that he’ll appreciate. Below we offer some ideas:

  • Personalized T-shirt.
  • Personalized hoodies.
  • Engrave jewellery.
  • Cufflinks
  • A personalized wine bottles
  • Some new gadgets
  • A set of wallet and ties
  • Some travel accessories

6. Go on A Fun Family Adventure:

Father’s Day is the best occasion to go out on a family adventure. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far away. One can go some road trip or countryside and do some trekking and some sports adventure like rafting, paragliding, rock climbing or even a beach day. Let dad decide or plan his favourite day out for him as a surprise. Let the day be his day!

7. Set Up A Dinner Date:

Nothing beats a dinner at home. All you have to do is set up the dinner table with his favourite dishes. Invite his best friends or as we call nowadays “Homies”. Let him feel that how much his happiness means to you. Start a conversation on how they were when young, their school or college days. As fathers are generally mum about their feelings or less talkative, this will allow them to be open and share their old stories or experiences.

8. Begin with A Photo Ritual:

Try enacting a picture from yesterday. Or, click a picture that can be taken every year to notice how much of a difference a year does. Clicking a photograph is an entertaining way to get the folks included and have some laughter. Yes, taking photos with young children can be hard but always remember not to stress about getting the perfect picture. A picture is not meant to be perfect but to collect all the memories we can cherish forever. Sometimes the Randoms are better than the ideally posed pictures. Nothing compares to a perfectly imperfect picture!

Father’s Day is celebrated to respect and foster fatherhood and fatherly bonds. On this Father’s day, let’s look at one unique person in our lives who has done everything to make us believe that no matter what, nothing else on earth can hurt us because they will always be there at every step along the way. This is the day when you confirm your love for him and absorb every bit of it together. Not only on this particular day, but parents are also a gift from heaven in the world, so we must make them feel appreciated at every moment. Let us rejoice on this Father’s Day, one quite remarkable person on our planet who just wanted to make us think that no matter what happens, no one on this planet can hurt us because they will be there forever to guide us.


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