5 Tips for Buying Genuine Antiques

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Antique pieces are usually decorative items that improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. Apart from improving your home appeal, these relics can turn out to be a great investment, primarily if you sell them for cash.

5 Tips for Buying Genuine Antiques

If you’re thinking of adding a decorative touch to your home by investing in the antique collection, you should know that it’s sometimes difficult to predict how much they are worth. That’s why it’s essential to learn a few buying tips before you make that first purchase.

Here are the five tips for buying genuine antiques:

1. Get to Know What You’re Buying

The next time you visit an antique shop such as the vault Sydney you should ask questions about the items you intend to buy before you decide whether or not it’s right for you. When you find a piece that you love, always try to inquire how the seller came across that particular item.

Was the item found from antique hunting? Is it a family heirloom, or was it bought from a recent auction? A genuine seller should be in a position to give you detailed information about an item’s origin as well as the location and date where the piece was acquired.

2. Do Your Homework

When in search of antiques, it’s vital to find out the age of the item. Before you begin your search, go online and take a good look at the photos, or drawings of the item you intend to buy. Take a closer look at the different decorative finishes, styles and materials. This should help you figure out the age of a particular antique.

If you aren’t sure where to begin your search, different buying guides online should help you figure out the age of an antique.

3. Measurements and the Antique Mark

If a piece of equipment was designed in the 40s and 50s, there should be a mark to indicate its age. This is usually an icon which is synonymous with the antique items of a particular year. If you don’t find this helpful, go online and research on items that post popular types of antiques as well as the explanation of their origins.

While you may be interested in a unique type of antique furniture, it should pass through your door. This is why it is essential to take measurements of your house to have an idea of how the furniture will enter your home before buying.

If possible, make sure that you carry the photographs of the space you intend to fit your antique furniture.

4. Buy What You Can Afford

It is important not to blow your budget on an item you don’t have the intention of buying. In most cases, an item will always cost more based on its historical value and rarity. That said, it should not cost more than what you cannot afford.

It is also important not to overlook the quality of items you wish to purchase. Keep this in mind especially if you’re looking to sell them for a higher price. Selling collectibles can be a very profitable activity once you find the right antiques to flip.

5. Estate Sales Works

You don’t have to visit an antique store or pawn shop to get the best deals. You can always find the best bargains by searching your local classifieds. If you take a closer look at the different items on sale, you’ll always spot different antique pieces that are worth it.

In case there is no documentation on a particular item, you can always find an appraiser to help you figure out whether it’s the right item. Your local estate is an excellent place to source for antique collection because you are confident that the pieces come from personal collection.

Get The Right Antique At An Affordable Price!

Whether you are looking for an antique collection for resale purposes or want to add a decorative touch to your newly remodeled house, you can always find different pieces that suit your needs. Estate sales, online deals and antique stores are just a few places you should begin your search.

It is vital that you check each item thoroughly and do a little research on each of them to make sure that you spot the real from fake. The few tips highlighted in this guide should act as a starting point.

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