5 Fun and Exciting Reasons to Create a WordPress Blog

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The best approach to start with every online small business is WordPress. When you’re ready to customize further, your website or migrating the website to a web hosting account is simple and easy.

If you consider yourself and ask, “Why to use WordPress for Website or Blog?” You have found the right place. Questioning this issue implies that at least you have done the research.

WordPress that little or heard from a colleague or friend about it. But that doesn’t mean you’ve considered the advantages and disadvantages. Also, you’ve checked features in detail.

5 Fun and Exciting Reasons to Create a WordPress Blog

WordPress is known as the best platform, which has a wide range of benefits, such as being able to make money with a blog. It is entirely free, holds a passionate community behind it. Not only that but also its developers are improving a variety of themes, templates, and plugins. They allow it to meet any need or purpose of the website.

Why WordPress is always best for beginners here are some reasons.

1. It’s been Free CMS for Many Years

In 2003, when no one had a basic idea about CMS or a blogging platform, WordPress was released. However, it may have begun as a website builder for bloggers.

It expanded and became the first go-to platform for those with little to no tech expertise, from business owners to developers.

“Almost 500 new websites made every day using WordPress in 2020.”

Whenever needed, you can download and change the WordPress code. Yet, it is important to remember the WordPress team will not accept modifications. However, if these changes are acceptable then you must upgrade WordPress to the latest release. Besides, it does not cost you a penny to buy WordPress.

There are over 30000 WordPress plugins, and over 3500 online WordPress themes at present: WordPress is free for anyone and available for download. This is an open-source project from 2003.

This indicates that a series of contributors are creating WordPress. Open-source projects with large audiences are usually free. Users frequently engage as beta testers or community.

Allows you to Make Any Website

One of WordPress’s myths and misconceptions is that it’s for creating blogs. Once WordPress was a blogging platform but since the changes went each time it has changed. In general, because of its blogging early history, WordPress is an advantage. Website building tools first think about design and software, then the layout for blogging comes as an afterthought.

WordPress has created a full-featured web content management system over the years. That tends to mean you can manage your entire website using WordPress, not even your blog. Of course, you could use WordPress that way, too, if you want to blog.

2. Easy to Use and Customize

WordPress is the ideal choice for non-tech and beginners. So you can choose and download thousands of free templates. For almost every kind of website, there is a perfect WordPress theme.

It is easy to customize WordPress themes. This website builder lets you do changes in themes, plugins, change colors, upload logs, make awesome sliders, change the background, and almost do everything you want. Using social plugins can also help with the social sharing and engagement to your site as well.

By using plugins, you can also add custom features and extra functionalities to your WordPress site. WordPress plugins are like the software you can use to add advanced features such as analytics, contact forms, search engine optimization, membership section, and more to your website.

3. Search Engine Friendly Websites

WordPress is made to be Search engine optimized. WordPress can enhance and boost the optimization of your website.

Your website can become very compelling to search engines by using WordPress. The key reason is, using clear implementation and high standard clean codes, the platform wrote. It thus provides the ability to create semantic markups.

It’s simple to do SEO without knowing technical experiences like HTML or PHP. For that purpose, it offers lots of useful plugins such as Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, and more. Everything you need to do is change some basic settings, and the rest done by the plugins.

4. Security

As for now WordPress world’s largest website development platform. Securing your content from spam attacks is essential for you too. Often, WordPress sites are targeted because so many of them are available. Luckily, several alternatives will keep your CMS safe and stable.

Ensure that you engage in a specific topic and consider using a backup service such as WpBackup or VaultPress.

Why is it fun to create a website using WordPress?

We understand not everyone who wants to spend all their working time on designing an online domain. When it comes to website development; that’s why it is for beginners and techs alike, WordPress is indeed an excellent tool. It’s open, sensitive, secure, and customizable for WordPress.

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