Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Business Growth in 2019

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Marketing has made a rapid move. Some of the marketers believe that marketing has changed even more in past few years than it used to be a decade before.

Most of the startups have switched to digital marketing, but not every weapon a digital marketer has in their arsenals are that effective. Some of the digital marketing strategies will hit the bullseye while some of them might not even come close.

Digital Marketing Strategies to Drive Business Growth in 2019


Do you know which digital marketing strategy you can rely own to boost your business growth?

I’m going to share some of the most powerful digital marketing strategies with you to drive business growth. These advertising and marketing strategies will help you boost sales, ultimately increasing the profit.

Email Marketing

Despite the predictions of death of email marketing, emails are still turning the games for most of the businesses around the globe, delivering outstanding ROIs.

Demand Metric and Data & Marketing Association (DMA) conducted a recent survey and found that, it email marketing delivers an impressive ROI of 122%. It is four times higher than other marketing channels that were analyzed. These channels included the paid search, social media and direct mails.

The best thing about email marketing is that you don’t have to break your bank to run email marketing campaigns.

Despite being highly effective, email marketing is not harnessed by most of the businesses.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has come to be an great advertising platform nowadays. The Social Media Examiner’s report asserts that 90 percent of entrepreneurs verified that social networking is important to their companies and 89 percent of entrepreneurs said that their societal initiatives have significantly enhanced the brand recognition of their own company.

Social media has not only improved the brand visibility and traffic, but it has helped companies to develop the loyal customers, generate leads, establish thought leadership and increase sales profit. Most of the businesses use social media as a major weapon in their branding strategy.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

It is one of the best methods to utilize search engine advertising to generate traffic on website. PPC is the best tool to generate sales-ready leads.

PPC campaign helps you reach the right customers at right point of time, displaying the right ad. It delivers high ROI and you can control your spent on every ad that is running. The best part is that you get proper data and insights to sharpen other marketing tactics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Old-age startups often ignore SEO, but modern-day startups understand its importance. Most of them build their SEO strategies and implement them either by hiring an inhouse team that can also look after branding or they hire digital marketing agency to look after the SEO needs.

SEO not only gives you visibility of search engines, it also improves the number of people reaching to your website. If you are able to rank on first five results for a certain set of keywords, you are in business.

Ensure that you target the right set of keywords to attract right visitors on your website. Create a website that can answer the user queries and satisfy the search intent of users, and then nothing can stop you to rank higher on search engine results pages.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing trend is catching the eye of many startups and most of them are using it to the fullest. This is the reason why most of the early-stage startups are touching the sky heights. According to a study, 84% of marketers expected to launch at least a single influencer marketing campaign every month.

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective tools for startups to grow into brands and the best thing is that it is inexpensive as compared to traditional marketing channels. One of the ultimate traits of influencer marketing is that it is less expensive than other promotional strategies.

Content Marketing

It’s well said, “Content is King”. Yes, it is. Content marketing is must for businesses these days. Whether you are in B2B domain or B2C domain, you need to have a powerful content strategy to attract visitors (prospects).

Content marketing improves the visibility of your brand, build long lasting relationships, boost brand awareness and recognition, build credibility and authority, and create a though leadership.

Retargeting Ads

Your potential customers might not be easily convinced on visiting your website at first. They need one or more nudges before they can actually become your customer. The retargeting ads can do this nudging.

Retargeting ads are the advertisements displayed shown to the visitors who have visited your website before. So, if they have missed out on something before, the retargeting ads can show them what your brand is and how popular you are on the web.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is another popular medium to promote your brand. You can run explainer videos giving information about your products, create tutorials, or record an online interview with your happy customers. You can even promote your company culture in this video.

Ensure that the video you create for branding must be engaging and minimalistic. You can them promote that video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and video sharing platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion etc.

Video sharing will give your brand a traction and you will see an improvement in the visitor flow on your website. Moreover, it will help you in brand building and brand recognition.

Do these Strategies Drive Business Growth?

Business growth is one of the dimensions of marketing that must not be overlooked. If an organization is investing money on digital marketing to create an authentic brand and drive business growth, marketing should drive results if done properly.

Search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns coupled with email marketing and video promotion can give your brand visibility, while influencer marketing and content marketing will give your company brand recognition. These are really effective digital strategies designed to yield positive ROI.

The Bottom Line

An effective digital marketing strategy is important for every business to flourish. 2019 is really competitive and there are years to come when the competition will be at all time high. If a business wants to survive the cut-throat competition, planning and executing a strategic digital marketing campaign is essential.

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