Marketing Tips: How to Add Moons to Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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Businesses of all sizes — large or small — spend a considerable amount of time as well as money in marketing campaigns.

Remember the time when you marketed your products or services on offline media like TVs, magazines, or newspapers. You wished for the best results. But with digital marketing, tracking and tweaking your ads is easy for the improved performance. Unlike traditional advertising, digital marketing helps you with real-time tracking. Even, it helps you monitor, improve, and adjust your creative to any media channel you like, and you’re done.

It means you do not need to shoot or create a commercial again and again if it fails to drive results. Also, you don’t have to recreate or publish a new Ad in print media whenever it requires changes. Digital advertising lets you adjust your content as needed.

How to Add moons to your Digital Marketing Campaign

While the advantages of digital media are endless, how would you ensure you are maximizing your ads performance and improving ROI? When you implement your digital marketing campaigns, make sure to keep some best practices in mind for better results.

We have created a few tips on how to improve your digital marketing campaigns. You can integrate these tips into your campaign efficiently for improvement.

1. Use High-quality imagery

For every campaign to be successful, it’s essential that you consider places where you would display your ads. The chances are that your ads may appear while the target audience is browsing other stuff somewhere else. Therefore, thinking about the visual appeal or your ad is essential.

To improve your campaign’s success rate using high-quality images is crucial. It tells what the ad is all about. Failing to do so doesn’t help you grab the attention of the audience. You will find many examples of beautiful imagery that the brands use to spark interest and compel the users to click it.

Amid many images, a logo is of utmost importance. It’s the first thing audiences see when looking for a brand. Professional logo design not only makes your brand trustworthy but also attracts potential customers.

You can design your own custom logo using a logo maker. Or, you can hire a professional
designer or agency to do so.

There are many free logo maker tools available online with a vast library of templates, styles, symbols, and color schemes. Even, they let you customize the text and get the best logo for your brand. Don’t worry if you are just a startup. You just need a laptop or computer and any of these tools to create a unique logo. Make sure to design or choose imagery and logo that is clean and memorable.

2. Add clear call-to-action

‘Get A Quote’, ‘Buy Now’, ‘Place An Order’ — whatever action you want your audience to take, place it clearly in your content. All the successful marketing campaigns feature a clear but compelling CTA (call-to-action) button. It tells the user what he or she has to do next and how they can go to your website. It takes them closer to the sales funnel.

When you choose a CTA, make sure to focus on its language. It should be relevant to your products and clear to the users. Putting anything confusing will drive them away. Given that, exclude generic languages like “read more”, “get more” etc.

3. Create compelling messages

It shouldn’t surprise you if we say messaging is crucial for your digital marketing campaign. Within any online channel, messaging is vital as it helps you communicate with your potential customers. Even if you don’t have hundreds of copies or time to grab users’ attention, create compelling and concise messages.

If it’s not compelling, you will lose the interest of your audience within a few seconds. You have just a limited time to capture their interest. Create messages that evoke emotions or compel users to take action. Keep your messaging short, clear, and concise. Highlight the value proposition that the audience would be getting like Free Shipping, Free Gifts, etc.

4. Create dedicated landing pages

No matter what your content’s intent is, take your users always to the pages that are relevant to the content. It’s a simple but important step that will help drive your users on your website, enhance user experience and boost the conversion rate.

For example, suppose you are a brand that sells women’s running shoes. You run an AdWord campaign of these shoes and send your users to a landing page referring the same product. It helps in conversion and makes your page more relevant. Also, it improves the possibility of the users to buy your products. Don’t forget that your ad has caught the users’ attention; that’s why they clicked on the advertisement to get more information about that particular product. However, advertising running shoes but redirecting users on an entire collection of athletic apparel isn’t good; it’s a complete turn-off.

As a brand, make sure to bring your potential customer as close to your sales funnel as possible.

5. Test, monitor, and do it again

For any marketing campaign, testing its effectiveness holds greater importance. Without testing and monitoring every campaign, how would you recognize the areas of improvement or focus?

Sometimes, random factors like language, time of the day, image selection or audience segment really play a pivotal role in defining the success of your marketing efforts. Therefore, it is critical to focus on these factors and check which campaigns feature which factors. If you taste success with a particular campaign or find a campaign less effective, go ahead and change it. In fact, you can run A/B testing to test campaigns with different content. It can be precious when deciding which message resonates well with your users.

Testing the ads, before its implementation, is also crucial. There are many brands that incredible ads redirecting to wrong pages. Take your time to test and make sure your ads display correctly to the right users and direct them to the relevant pages. This will save you big bucks in the long run.


From designing your own logo using a logo maker tool or freelance designer to creating appealing messages, landing pages and testing, many factors help you improve your digital marketing campaigns.

Follow the tips discussed above to make most out of your digital marketing efforts.

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