What Role Does a Good Web Design Play in Promoting Your Brand?

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Businesses will often redesign their company’s website for some reason or the other. While the revamped site is usually based on making that reason clear, it can be less focused on website design. A company that doesn’t realize its web design will play a major role in its digital marketing strategy is setting itself up for failure!

What Role Does a Good Web Design Play in Promoting Your Brand

Website design will have a wide-reaching effect on every aspect of their digital marketing campaign. The more successful campaign you can run, the better your brand will sell. We’d recommend that you open your site and check out the few things we mention below.

Here are just some ways web design can make or break a business:


You could have the best company logo designed by the Logo Design Valley to put on the different pages on your website. However, if you don’t make the site navigable, potential customers won’t even reach those pages! From a menu that displays different pages to a navigation bar, great web design can result in intuitive navigation.

Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your company website design hasn’t landed you on the first page of Google search by now, it might be time to change it. But how do you go about it? Start with the elimination of any duplicate content and then tackle the intensely more complicated issue, i.e., SEO. Good web designs include meta descriptions and Alt tags incorporated within them.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is related to raising the chances of users completing the desired action on a website. The result is an improved conversion rate (CR). Depending on the company’s goals, CRO can be about more than just purchasing a product. The site visitor or potential customer can also be asked to complete their booking, fill in a contact form, part with their email address, etc.

Web designs that are built for success will drive users to actions. They are created to balance the use of their appearance and effectiveness in a way that gets the visitor to act.

mobile-friendly website


User Experience

One of Google’s ranking factors is page load time, making faster loading websites more likely to end up higher on the search engine’s list! Any user who is using high-speed internet will instantly put the blame at your door if your web pages aren’t loading correctly. Yes, using the videos is a good idea, but only if not overdone. Multiple embedded videos, unnecessary plugins, large images, and widgets can also have a drastic effect on user experience. Web designs that are developed to satisfy the users will only contain media that adds value.

Similarly, if ads must be added, capable web designers will ensure the ads are below the content, so the users are still able to view the whole screen. They can also improve the user experience by using sliding ads and even keeping those to a minimum.

Do you see how important a web design can be for a business? So many factors are to be placed with skill and expertise for a digital marketing strategy to work. Have you checked if your company’s website is doing that? Say, you discover that it isn’t. How will you be making sure yours is up to the mark?

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