10 Must Have CRM Features

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For many entrepreneurs, beginning an association is a big accomplishment, however managing one is a more difficult task.

Every firm, no matter how massive or small, encounters a wide variety of comparable obstacles. The survival price of enterprise in the world is very low, alternatively for India the numbers are substantially shocking!

The primary hassle that you face after placing up your agencies is making your clients attain your product. Now how do you do it? By growing a buzz about your product. Be it via blogs, advertisements, or digital marketing. The most essential factor right here is focused on the right people.

10 Must Have CRM Features

So now how do we goal who the right human beings are? By going for walks commercials on Facebook, writing blogs on your website, the usage of website positioning optimization and being wide variety 1 on the search page. As humans begin to click on your commercials or your blogs, you get to understand who is certainly searching for what you are selling!!

Now how do you music and preserve documents of humans travelling your website?

Here is the place CRM comes into play, TeleCRM makes use of Facebook integration and captures the important points of all of us journeying your website, clicking on your ads!

It is essentially for organizations which have sales, advertising and marketing teams. It’s used by agencies who prefer to enlarge their effectiveness exponentially and additionally their customer’s efficiency.

  • It’s for the income personnel who needs to convert sales to leads,
  • For Marketing managers, who prefer to measure the advertising marketing campaign results,
  • For the purchaser provider government who is struggling to locate the patron conversation records and for the CEO who wishes to measure the standard overall performance quickly.

Yes, you’ve now recognized your goal audience, no longer simply that, you now have an acceptable document of human beings interested/ searching for something you’ve acquired to offer.

And now that you have people, let’s kick start your business!

10 must-have CRM points your commercial enterprise most likely needs!!

1. Auto- dialer:

Your callers hate it when it comes to manually dialing lots of numbers everyday.

Many instances stop up dialing incorrect numbers and are left frustrated.

They face hell lot of situations whilst writing remarks in excel and noting down name reminders, which regularly go lacking or are forgotten!!

All of this consumes greater than 15-20 minutes each hour of the very treasured speakme time which ought to have been used for convincing people.

It sincerely makes them sense busy, however sadly unproductive!!!

WHAT IFFF there was once an opportunity to undertake some methodology which ought to robotically kind your Genius wrecking task???


TeleCRM’s automated dialer will take away your guide ache of typing numbers.

You do not have to fear about remembering who to name next.

Just dial, talk to the client, document your feedback, press the subsequent button, and yeah it’s DONE!!!!

TeleCRM DIALER makes the soiled venture a piece of cake!

2. Call Feedback:

Bad conversations are riding your clients away quicker than you think!

Imagine having a lengthy dialog however forgetting the important points in the subsequent call.

Disaster! You made your consumer sense unimportant and they regarded you as unreliable!

Give clients a fantastic experience, and they’ll purchase more.

Eliminate friction whilst looking out scrambled facts whilst placing the consumer on hold. Record it all at one unique place..

TeleCRM is your tranquilizer!!

Impress clients via retrieving necessary statistics & applicable recorded facts at the proper time.

Eliminate the want for clients to repeat themselves.

Open door to having customised conversations primarily based on prior name feedback/notes.

Customers who have a nice journey sense heard, considered and appreciated.

It has a tangible impact.

In phrases of ???

Your profits!

Minimise congestion and maximise your efficiency!!

3. Follow-up:

Missing follow-ups is one hell of a trouble for your enterprise proper now.

What might also appear when you promise to name lower back a customer at a specific time and forget about to do so?? They begin to lose believe in you and your product of course, as a end result your leads begin to fall through the cracks!!

What if your client is up for a purchase, then again when it was once time, it slipped from your idea to name him reminding the payment??

A huge loss for the business.

Yes, you can no doubt name lower back later and ask for the same, however you wouldn’t deny that there has been some shift in your credibility!

It doesn’t cease there; your callers are themselves aggravated looking for and remembering whom they had to join with, at what time, day or 12 months and the place did they jot down that information. It creates concern in them of dropping on an appropriate deal, their fee and businesses profits.

Customers are flooded with choice. There are a variety of merchandise and carrier companies who provide the identical issue as you. So how do you respect the prospect who has picked your business?

Using TeleCRM, make your clients experience important, win their trust, earn greater income for the enterprise and do away with the worry of lacking out on a suitable deal!!

Schedule Automatic Follow-up Calls, so that no one in your crew ever misses a follow-up call.

Send Customized Follow-up Messages to each prospect right away after each and every call at once from the app by way of WhatsApp, Email, or SMS.

Recurring Follow-up Option- Consistently comply with up leads till both the sale is closed or the lead says he is now not involved anymore.

Follow- ups are no longer solely a device for closing a sale, however additionally a way to current yourself and your company.

A suitable comply with up name may also be simply the reminder a prospect wishes to go in advance with a sale, displaying your consideration as properly as the maturity and professionalism of your business.

4. One-click WhatsApp:

70% of the clients do not convert simply after the first call. 80% of your clients require follow-up messages after their first interaction!

The world is louder and noisier than ever before, and interest is our most treasured resource.

To residence into people’s brains you want to be in regular touch! Leaving them on their very own will once more open for them hundred doorways of choices!

Sending normal messages may sound convenient however it fails when it comes to saving lots of numbers and keeping records.

A easy way ought to be:

  • Simply calling a new lead.(seems fed up however possess need)
  • Clicking on whatsapp icon on the desktop
  • Type personalized message/ pick from already saved templates.
  • Click send.
  • Repeat, till you keep !!


Templates can now not solely assist you do duties faster, however they can additionally retailer you cash by removing the want to purchase greater software.

5. Lead capture:

Imagine the shock your purchaser receives when you name him the second he visits your website/ fills that predicted survey form!

The wow issue is unmatchable!!

Since now,

  • You won’t have to make them recall you.
  • They’ll get the uncommon 5 megastar purchaser provider experience.
  • You can without delay get to the point, provide an explanation for what you provide and very without problems shut the deal.

According to —– there are —- probabilities of closing a deal, when a patron himself comes for you and you capture him at the proper time.

TeleCRM accumulates all your leads at one single place, removing :

  • Your anxiousness of lacking out on even a single lead
  • Excessive workload of consolidating leads from more than one structures to one single.
  • The extra cost, and ofcourse
  • Your team’s intellectual fatigue

6. Download Reports:

With TeleCRM you can Not simply file or hold tune of the quantity of calls made via every caller however additionally download the day by day reports.

In addition to maintaining music of the wide variety of calls made you can additionally maintain music of the time period which used to be sincerely spent on calls. In the file part you can even provide you the complete quantity of income that have been closed. As an enterprise owner, You have to reveal the variety of special calls made for the duration of the day, week or a month.

The download alternative lets you document and hold your whole statistics for as lengthy as you want.

7. Call reminder:

Remember? Your 12 am birthday reminder saved your friendship!

That’s precisely how TeleCRM’s on-time reminders shop your consumers’ affiliation with you and your business!!
Whenever you promise a lead to name lower back and join at a unique time, all that wishes to be performed subsequent Is putting and scheduling an observe up reminder for a call.

Right after it, the entirety falls in place!!

When it is time, TeleCRM will actually ship you a notification, reminding you of the made promise!

This will cast off any opportunity of taking any comply with up calls, as a result saving your treasured and the most achievable customers.

8. Lead tracking:

TeleCRM helps you view a precis of the place your lead in the complete income pipeline.

It helps monitoring the reputation and improvement of every character stage.

If you have a longer income funnel, this performance may also be really worth prioritising whilst searching for CRM software. Having a bird’s-eye standpoint of the complete funnel will help in stopping possibilities from stalling or falling via the cracks.

9. Sales Forecast:

Do you desire to be capable to forecast future quarters and even new areas the use of your present data? The forecasting characteristic places your information to work for you, permitting you to make goals and well-informed selections involving your business.

TeleCRM forecasts your future income numbers or earnings based totally on historic and modern data/trends.

10. Two device support:

Corporate groups these days function no longer simply on laptop computer or pc, however seem for extra accessible options, for occasion a cell phone. Mobile telephones are a lifeline to the office, as a result of which, they have to certainly have the right of entry to a CRM.

TeleCRM can be very certainly and without difficulty be used over a cell phone.

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