10 Best Apps to Listen Music Without WiFi or Internet

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Streaming different songs on different music sites is like a trend these days which is followed by the every age group based on their taste. Some of them are influenced by the classical music others prefer rap music and some of them are oriented towards the Jazz and pop music. It is totally fine with the music streaming when you are covered by good speed internet connection in city. But the problem is experienced by the people when they are not reached by the network in interior areas. As a result of which they have to suffer a lot to listen their favourite songs. Under such circumstances people applications which are capable for providing free music download without Wi-Fi. There are number of apps which are serving offline for music streaming to give better experience for the listeners. Scores of songs can be downloaded on these apps to stream them when you are away from the internet connection in remote areas. Have a look on the top ten music apps given below which are efficiently providing music streaming without any internet. Before looking on the music apps just check our partners website on glass door Singapore.

Here are top 10 apps to listen to music without wifi free:

1. Google play music

Google play music app

Google play music is the best music app without Wi-Fi or internet connection for offline music streaming. You do not require to get connected to an internet source for streaming songs that are uploaded on the app manually by you. Just create an offline music track for you by uploading as much as songs as you can up to the limit given by the app for uploading.

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2. Spotify

Spotify free music apps

Spotify is the most used app for music streaming in both offline and online state as per the situation and availability of internet connection. People can stream lots of songs according to their interest on Spotify even without having premium subscription. Those having subscription of the app reap the benefit of streaming the songs from a big list than users without subscription.

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3. Gaana app

Gaana apps to listen to music

This is the most popular app for listening free music without Wi-Fi by the users and provides big range of songs for streaming. You can set the app for auto download mode and the songs that will get downloaded will be available for the offline streaming. Those who are using the Gaana app for a while have lot of songs in their playlist and do not find any scarcity for songs while having no internet or Wi-Fi connection for their device. That is how you can also grab this handsome experience of offline streaming by installing the app on your device any time.

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4. Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud song apps

If you are curious to stream music from different tracks Sound cloud is the best place where you should land. This is because a wide range of songs from different tracks are available on the app for users. You can easily download these songs to put them in your offline music streaming list. That is how you will never find scarcity of songs when you are streaming offline.

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5. Deezer

Deezer music without wifi

This is the biggest app that is designed for offline music streaming with an endeavour to provide the best streaming experience to users. Millions of songs can be stored in your library for offline streaming easily. More those who are inclined towards radio frequencies can also avail the service on this app.

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6. Napster

Napster wifi free music

This app provides huge number of songs for offline music streaming to the users. So if you are looking for song apps without Wi-Fi need Napster can be one of them. Here you will get extraordinary experience to stream all type of music from various platforms and sources. Just install the app and get done with the formalities require to have an access to the benefits of the app and start streaming your favourite songs.

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7. Groove Music

Groove Music song apps without wifi

Music lovers can also reach Groove music app for offline streaming of best songs based on their interest. Wide array of songs are included on the app for the users and you can download them for streaming them in a state when internet connection is not available.

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8. Amazon Music

Amazon Music App

Amazon music is very popular music app that doesn’t need Wi-Fi for video streaming on offline mode. The range of song that is available for offline streaming is very high and you will find almost all types of songs in the catalogue. So if you are a music lover and cannot go without listening music even in a scenario when Wi-Fi or other internet connection are not in your reach just install Amazon music on your phone or tablet. It is going to provide you the immense experience in music streaming.

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9. Musify

Musify music apps

The Musify falls under one of the best music streaming app where you are free to stream big range of songs that are of your interest. If you want to stream songs that are stored in your cloud storage then, it is also possible to import them on Musify as well. At the same time you will also be able to find the songs on the app based on your previous searches and streaming. So in a nutshell this app works in a wise and smarter way to provide the best music without Wi-Fi to the people. Live concerts can also be reached on Musify for music streaming apart from previously downloaded songs.

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10. Saavn

Saavn free music

If you are fond of the Bollywood music Saavn is the best music app that is going to fulfil your requirement. You can listen music on both online and offline mode. Vast ranges of songs are available on the app which can be downloaded by setting automatic download in the app. So if you want to enjoy the songs of this Wi-Fi free music app you need to download it for your device. Once you complete the all needed formalities on the app you will be able to get your offline music playlist easily.

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These are some of the most recognized and loved music apps that are available for offline music streaming when your internet connection is lost.

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