10 Awesome Plus Size Underwear Designs

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There are many underwear designs on the market and a lot of them look great on different body types. Everyone deserves to look and feel good. The information below sheds light on underwear designs that flatter just about every figure.

10 Awesome Plus Size Underwear Designs 1


1. Hipster

Hipster underwear have a modern appeal because they sit comfortably on the hips, which is how they got the name “hipster.” These are comfortable underwear for women of all sizes and shapes. They became popular over a decade ago because many women wore them with low-rise jeans before mom jeans took over. You can still wear hipster underwear for comfort or if you simply like the look of them.

2. Bikini

There are probably few young women that don’t have a pair of bikini underwear. That’s because they have often been the go-to choice for women that want to look great and still be comfortable. Bikini underwear come in different styles and the string bikini looks great on women of different body types and sizes. Since they don’t have a lot of fabric, you can wear them comfortably with low rise pants and shorts.

3. French-Cut

French-cut underwear have a unique way of flattering the body. These are also referred to as high-cut underwear because they’re cut high on the sides. While this is not a style that everyone enjoys, they are very comfortable and you can wear them with low-rise pants and shorts.

4. Boyshorts

Boyshorts are designed to mimic men’s briefs and they are another type of underwear that’s comfortable because they offer great coverage. Some women wear them alone when lounging at home because they’re so comfortable. It’s good to choose the right pair of underwear based on the occasion and boy shorts are great for many occasions.

5. G-String

Small, medium, large and plus size G string underwear look great because they are designed to flatter every body type. Since it’s a barely there type of underwear, some women buy them because it makes them feel good. It’s a great underwear for days when you simply want to feel special, especially if you choose a delicate fabric.

6. Thong

A thong is underwear that was originally created to help women avoid panty lines. They continue to be used for many reasons because some women simply like the way they look and feel a sense of freedom when wearing them. Thongs can be worn comfortably by women of all shapes and sizes. You can find thongs in many different materials and you should choose fabric based on what makes you feel the most comfortable.

7. Briefs

Briefs have been a top selling underwear style for decades and that probably won’t change. Women often enjoy wearing them because they offer full coverage and you can usually find them in super comfortable fabrics, such as microfiber and cotton.

8. Control Briefs

Control briefs are essentially shapewear that helps you achieve the silhouette you want by providing support to the abdomen. These are not underwear that you want to choose when your focus is on comfort. While they are not uncomfortable, they are not the best underwear for lounging.

9. High-Waisted

High-waisted underwear are incredibly flattering to women with different body types and sizes. One reason why they are appreciated is because they provide support in the abdomen area, which is something that many women appreciate.

10. Seamless

Seamless underwear are more about function because they are designed to ensure nobody can see your underwear lines through your pants or skirt. It’s basically a way to provide smooth coverage, which is especially important when you work in a professional environment.

Choosing the right type of underwear can feel overwhelming at first. However, if you make the decision to try different styles for fun, you might find a new favorite pair. Whether you’re buying underwear for function or form, you have a lot of options and you can also choose from a variety of different colors. Whether you choose a red G string or purple briefs, you can rock them at any size.

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