A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Modern Hotel Furniture

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The thirst for wanderlust will take you on an amazing journey around the world. Traveling to new places will help people to acquaint themselves with new cultures, people, food, and unique lifestyles. Reading a book or watching a documentary comes nowhere near the first-hand experience. Seasoned travelers opine that the hotels to stay in can make or break your experience. Lack of top-notch or satisfactory facilities will elevate the travelers’ stress level.

Some of the most seasoned travellers are of the opinion that these trips are heavily dependent on 3-4 key aspects.

  • The safety of the place you’re visiting
  • How the locals treat you & similar visitors like yourself
  • The quality of the hotel, its amenities & the vibe + ambience

So, they will not be in a position to relax and imbibe the beauty of the new place. Prompt room service, cleanliness, and friendly attitude of the hotel staff are not the only aspects, which must be taken into consideration while judging the competence of the hotel. A lot also depends on the furniture that the guesthouse management picks.

A Beginners Guide to Buying Modern Hotel Furniture

A dream vacation or “stay-cation”, is likely to be ruined by an unpleasant staff, lack of facilities, shoddy interiors and lack of though put behind the architecture and design of the hotel.

This is precisely why picking the best-in-class interior designer, architect, civil construction company and even a furniture supplier is key.

While the most optimal way to choose an interior designer or an architect is by way of tapping into personal contacts, friends, relatives and so on. Which is what most folks do, choosing furniture is not as simple.

Undoubtedly, a bulk purchase of furniture is almost always going to be a lot more budget-friendly, few people know how to do it properly.

Novice hoteliers may not have the eye of an expert to pick the right pieces for increasing the beauty of the inn. It is here that they must hire the services of an experienced interior decorator. The final décor, along with the furniture selection, will depend on several core aspects. It is mandatory for the innkeeper or the interior decorator to select befitting furnishing items not only for the rooms but for the reception area, typical seating sections, and the dining space. If the guesthouse has a particular theme, then furniture kept in all these areas must be cohesive. Failure to do this will break the feel of the setting.

Ask the well-known hotel owners, and they will highlight that picking the appropriate furniture is a daunting challenge. People with a proper qualification or access to the experts will be able to strike the right balance.

Most hotels & resort chains have dedicated purchase departments responsible for managing such high-ticket purchases.

But since this is probably the first hotel or resort that you’ll be making, you’ll probably have to take care of these aspect by yourself.

All hotels should necessarily procure directly from a manufacturer and after a proper assessment of their past clients, their manufacturing capabilities and so on. If you’re based our of India, I recommend going for the leading supplier of hospitality and hotel furniture. [Furniture Roots]

However, if you’re based out of United States or any other place in the west and are okay with importing furniture from China, you may visit AliBaba or ArchiProducts

In any case, a reputed furniture manufacturer-distributor will know the technicalities & will deliver the furniture right to your doorstep.

Selection of furniture according to guesthouse theme

Similar to restaurant décor, interior beautification of any guesthouse depend on the core theme. While some hoteliers go for the sophisticated and ultra-modern style, others opt for the Victorian elegance. Then there are those hotels located in the middle of the bustling city, which will offer a feel of relaxing in the Hawaiian braches. The exterior landscaping and the interior décor must exude the chosen theme. While decorating the rooms, and the other areas, one must select pieces, which match the core theme. Leather sofas, clear-edged tables, and other minimalistic furnishing items will enhance the look of a modern and chic guesthouse. If your theme is more on the creative side, then you can pick abstract pieces for beautifying the inn.

Quality and durability of the items

Once you have nailed the items, which match the interior décor theme of the guesthouse, you need to turn your attention towards the quality of the products. Using low-quality hotel furniture will not earn good reviews from the guests. If there is one thing that guests hate more than flawed room service, it is the use of sub-standard items in the room.

The furniture at hotels, resorts, guesthouses, B&Bs undergo very harsh usage. Guests & people typically don’t go the extra mile to take care about things that’s aren’t theirs. This is why, the onus of precaution falls on the hotelier.

Try to get the best quality furnishing items for decorating your hotel. It is the right time to mention that guesthouse furniture will not come cheap. Thus, durability is another aspect that you must look into. Quality is directly proportional to the sustainability of the items. If you want to eliminate unnecessary expenses in repairing the furniture frequently, then do not shy away from spending some extra bucks to purchase only the best items. Quality furnishing items will also increase the richness of the inn. One can quickly point out the difference between good quality and sub-standard furniture.

Comfort level

Most suppliers that specialize in manufacturing furniture for resorts and hotels are aware that only hospitality-grade furniture is to be used. This means ensuring that the furniture is both durable & comfortable is the job of the purchaser.

The ultimate aim of the guesthouse furniture is to provide the best comfort to the guests. If the dining room chairs and tables are not at proper heights, then guests will not be able to enjoy their food due to lack of comfort.

Errratic ideas like placing bean bags in the dining room is also a bad idea unless the dining room seating has very low tables to mimic a lounge setting. If your hotel is in a tourist spot, then pay attention to the bed in the rooms. Make sure the mattress is clean, and pillows are hypoallergenic. The bed mattress must not be too thick or too thin. Gather information about the materials, which have been used to make the items. Opting for eco-friendly materials will create a positive impression on the minds of the guests. It will pave the path for brave reviews on the online travel and hotel evaluation portals.

Try to incorporate unique pieces

For some time now, the mix-n-match interior décor trend is rather popular among restaurant and hotel owners. The best thing about this decoration pattern is one can easily create unique looks with several pieces, which do not belong to the same category. It also creates an opportunity for using unique pieces. The lamp fashioned out of rot iron pipes, refurbished traditional chairs, and other such items will add a unique character to the guesthouse. Another benefit of incorporating abstract furniture items is you will not have to follow theme harmony strictly. The mismatched hotel furniture will co-exist and impart a special feel to the inn.

However, this strategy will only work out great if it is being done in line with the overall theme of the hotel & after an in-depth understanding of the customer’s choices &preferences.

It is the responsibility of the hotel owner or the hired interior decorator to make sure that the furniture selection is flawless. A retail furniture store is not the right place to show for items for the beautification of your guesthouse. Check out the storeroom of the wholesale furniture manufacturers or the online platforms to ensure good quality and higher discount.

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