Killer Ways to use Google Hangouts

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Google hangout is one of the amazing instant messaging applications available on the web that allow users to easily connect with their friends and families through text messages or video chat. It is developed by the Google Inc. for its Gmail users. It’s a dynamic feature of the Google that gives unique ways to communicate with families, friends, or colleagues. It also helps us to connect with our customers and clients. With the help of it, users can easily send or receive messages, images and much more. Users can also make a video or voice calls with the people they want.  Like many other apps, Google hangout is also available for Android or iOS device and can also easily access this application through any web browser. It is very useful for creative conversations not only with your families and friends but also with people from all over the world. To know more about Google Hangout, here we are introducing you some amazing feature of this application to know it more.


Killer Ways to use Google Hangouts

Features of Google Hangout:

  • Google Hangouts on Air- It is a closed video conversation between you and up to ten people. It offers a wide variety of features for its users. You can even broadcast your conversation to anyone with the help of the streaming link.
  • Chat- You can easily send or receive text messages on both versions. Voice and Video call function are also available in both Hangout and Hangout on Air. Users can easily connect with their friends, families, and colleagues through this amazing app.
  • Screen Sharing- With the help of it, you can easily share your screen with the people you have added on your Hangout. It is a great tool for sharing pictures, presentation or anything which you want.
  • Security- Your all Google Hangout conversation is secured. All the communication through this application is encrypted. So, you don’t need to worry about your conversation.


7 Ways to use Google Hangout

  • Provide best customer support – You can use Google Hangout to resolve issues and provide excellent customer support to your customers. With the help of this messenger service, you can easily connect with your customers using video chat feature. It helps you to build trust and understanding with your clients. The Screen sharing function is also very amazing, help you to view your customer screen is a huge plus point for the technical support team, web developers, and graphic designers.
  • Google hangout for conference calls and meeting – It helps you to make conference calls and online meeting with your colleagues. Google hangout is one of the best ways to connect with your co-workers or colleagues. You can easily connect with more than one person at a time. It is very helpful in making a conference call and online meetings which save a lot of your time.
  • Organize a webinar – Google Hangout helps you to organize webinars for your audience. It is the best way to present a webinar. You don’t need to pay any kind of fees for a webinar platform. Google Hangout on Air allows you to use your webcam, share your screen and also help users to watch unlimited YouTube videos. With the help of it, you can also record and share Hangout on air to your YouTube channel.
  • Host Question & Answers Session – Google Hangout gives users an opportunity to interact with their customers. With the help of this application, users can host informative Q&A sessions related to your product and services with people in your industry. This helps you to build a strong relationship with your customers.
  • Interview big Leaders – You can also take interview of big Leaders, a politician using this amazing application. Video interviews are easy to create with Google Hangout.  You can easily record interviews and can also share it with your fans and friends.
  • In launching New Product – Google Hangout on Air is one of the best platforms to host product launch events. This event has the potential to get your customers from all across the globe. This will helps you to make new customers.

These above-mentioned are some possibilities of using Google Hangout.

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