Improved Internet Connectivity with Airtel Postpaid Plans

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Airtel has been leading the charge of improving the network connectivity of 4G in the country and prides itself in providing the fastest 4G network in India. The telecom provider has been consistently gearing up its game to add more and more value to its existing 4G offer and provides 4G data at the same rate as 3G. This initiative started with the launch of Open Network, a forum where the company interacted with its customers and got their feedback on what are they looking for from their telecom provider. Over a period of the past few years it has been working on that feedback to create a robust offering and that is reflecting in their prepaid and postpaid plans.

Improved Internet Connectivity with Airtel Postpaid Plans

The Airtel 4G data is an integral part of the all packs of the Airtel Postpaid and it also provides the widest coverage to give its customers more stable and stronger network. All of the Airtel postpaid plans have generous data offerings that the customers can use at their discretion to access high speed internet. Let us look at the various Airtel postpaid plans that are available these days and how much of 4G data do they offer.

• INR 499 Plan: The most basic plan amongst the Airtel Postpaid offerings is the INR 499 plan which comes with 75 GB of monthly data at 3G or 4G speed. This data, if unused can be rolled over to the next month and can be utilized to browse or download content. Along with unlimited local and STD calls, the plan also comes with the Airtel Thanks rewards of subscriptions to Zee5, Amazon Prime Video (one-year subscription), Airtel Xstream app and Handset protection.

• INR 749 Plan: Like the basic offering of INR 499, this postpaid plan also comes with the entertainment subscriptions and unlimited local and STD calls. The major difference is the monthly data limit of 125 GB which can again be rolled over if unused to the next month.

• INR 999 Plan: Most of the benefits remain the same from the INR 749 plan however, the data limit of the INR 999 is raised to 150 GB with the rollover of unused data to next month. The Airtel Thanks rewards are same as INR 499 and 749 plans.

• INR 1599 Plan: The top tier of the postpaid plans by Airtel comes with unlimited data which is great for customers who have a big need for data. The customers can use the high-speed data for video calls, browsing and downloads. The pack also comes with 200 ISD minutes as well as 10% discount on the international roaming packs. All other Airtel Thanks benefits and unlimited calls are also present here.

The various mobile postpaid plans by Airtel are great for customers who would like to use the big data allowances to browse and stream content. They also have the option of paying to increase their data limit if they have used up all their data. With enhanced network and uninterrupted data connectivity Airtel provides top 4G speed to its postpaid and prepaid customers.

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