5 Social Media Tricks to Make Brands More Memorable

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Social media is undoubtedly an interesting place to be, where it takes less than a minute to become friend with a stranger, and more than a year to find an old friend on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. From politics to sports, cookery to movie review, social media is always there to fetch you the latest news, trending topics and viral stuff. It has always played a crucial role in keeping the users updated and well-informed about every single thing happening on this planet earth.

5 Social Media Tricks to Make Brands More Memorable

Talking about the functionality of social media, one vital aspect to be talked about is “marketing”. In today’s world of social media advancements, digital marketing has got a major role to play. Now for all the digital marketers and aspirants reading this blog post, it is to be mentioned that mere marketing is not exactly what you do when it comes to social media campaigns.

You need to think beyond a regular marketing idea or an approach. It is quite simple. You must consider maintaining a smart, focused and a fun approach while creating social media contents, and deciding to share the stuff with the people of the world. Now that you are wondering how to make things work; take some time out to read through the helpful suggestions mentioned below.

1. Keep things simple, appealing and relatable

Many times, some of the simplest social media campaigns have turned out to be the smartest and most intriguing ones for the audience. The idea is quite simple. You need to concentrate more on what the target audience likes to see, read or learn. Based on the evaluation, choose to come up with ideas that can help your campaign look simple yet appealing in the long run.

People mostly like to relate to simpler and more understandable things. Thus, keeping the brand campaign simpler can actually help you reach out to a larger base of the audience more effectively.

2. The message should be clear and concise

It is important that you choose to send the message to your target audience in a clear and concise manner. That means the idea is to refrain from making things too complicated. If you wish to sell T-Shirts via social media campaigning and promotions, then stuffing your content with too many catch phrases just in order to make the campaign look creative might at times leave the audience with unclear ideas.

If it’s a T-Shirt then firstly consider sending a clear message regarding the same, and then explore other techniques to be implemented in order to uphold the quirky part as well. That can probably solve the purpose better.

3. Make your social media promotion a fun one

Social media is mostly about interactivity, learning, virtual engagements, and fun. Thus, it goes without saying that a conventional promotional content is unlikely to work.

It would always be a safer and more effective option to consider making your promotional campaign on social media a fun and interactive one. Create quiz sessions, come up with fun riddles, go live and interact with the real-time audience via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and explore more of such possibilities to connect with your target group in a better way.

However, it is also to be noted that a fun promotional campaign should also serve the purpose of providing your audience with the necessary information about the product you wish to sell. Keeping a balance between both conventional and unconventional promotional strategies is important.

Add colors to your campaign; it works

Yes, you read that right. Now in order to explain the trick further, it is to be mentioned that in case you are planning to promote your brand on social media by creating graphical representations and other illustrations, then choose to add colors to your campaign, based on the message you wish to send or the nature of the product being promoted.

Colors have always had a lasting impression on human psychology. Thus, choose to incorporate this idea and make things colorful, crisp and catchy from all aspects.

5. Let your brand logo speak about the product

If you are planning to create brand logos that can be marketed on social media, then keep it simple, catchy and relatable, so that it can speak about the product you wish to sell. Logos have always played a crucial part in highlighting the brand philosophy. So, you can utilize the technique during social media campaigns as well.

So, the next time you are planning to take your brand on social media platforms for better exposure, never miss out on utilizing the suggestions discussed above.

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