Why You Should Consider Joining a Trade Union

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There are many trade unions present nowadays claiming to help workers get a better working and living standard. Unions are able to play the role of some intermediary between the employers as well as workers. It aims to make sure that employers along with employees are able to get along smoothly and can solve their differences peacefully. Unions support employers plus employees. If people are in these they have many benefits for both of the parties.

Why You Should Consider Joining a Trade Union

The following are some reasons why you should join a trade union:

Get better pay

A benefit of joining a union to some workers is that they will get better wages in comparison to the person who is not in one. A union is able to negotiate wages for their members’ behalf so as to get what they deserve.

Union members are able to enjoy wage increases and that on a regular basis. These benefits are made when collective bargaining occurs. This is where a union along with employer get some agreement on wage terms. Non-union workers do not have such benefits.

Collective bargaining benefits

Due to the fact that unions tend to be a group of workers assembling themselves for a common goal, they have collective bargaining power. The workers in the union do not need to fight battles by themselves. The union will help them fight the battles.

When there are contract negotiations, union workers are the ones who have more impact in comparison to the non-union counterparts.

Can get better working conditions

Workers do not have to work now under harsh conditions like when unions were not present. When a non-union worker has to work in some unfavorable condition and also does not have a voice to complain, the union workers will have one voice.

The union is the one that will work for better working conditions for the members along with other work-related benefits such as holidays plus enhanced safety measures at work. For instance, if someone needs carers leave in Victoria a union can help out.

Giving training for new skills

The union workers even benefit from training given by the respective unions to enhance their skills as well as increase their marginal productivity. The provision of training occurs through negotiations amongst the employer and also a union so as to organize the way that the employee will undertake training and continue working.

Job security

The training to get new and also to enhance the present skills increases ones marginal productivity. This allows one to have a sense of their job security. The unions also increases a member’s job security. This is done by making sure that the union worker does not get fired without any valid and solid reason.

Prior to an employer firing a union worker, it is important for the reason to have some backing. If this does not happen, the union will help out here.

From the above you can see that it is important for workers to join a trade union.

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