Why Do Babies Cry?

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Are you worried about your baby crying? Do you want to know the reasons behind why does your baby weep?

Nobody likes it when their baby cries. But then what option do the little one have? The little one cannot speak; all it can do is cry to seek your attention and get its needs fulfilled.

Why Do Babies Cry

The following might be the reasons to make your baby cry:

1. When hunger pokes

It is the most common reason behind the crying of your baby. Once the newborns start understanding the hunger signs, it starts to weep if not fed. Other than weeping, the baby also shows the hunger signs by putting their hands to their mouth, smacking its lips, and nuzzling around the mother’s breast.

2. Need a diaper change

A dirty diaper makes the baby feel awkward. Some babies are prone to be sensitive to wet diapers. You must check the diaper every time your baby cries, also make a note when you last changed the diaper and if it is more than three hours, change it again.

3. An unsuitable temperature

A baby may feel hot or cold. It may not just depend on the atmosphere, but also on the type of clothing your baby has held.

A baby may shiver due to a lower ac temperature in summers or may feel hot in winters due to several clothes wrapped on its body. Be wise to understand the weather conditions and clothe your baby accordingly.

4. Feeling unwell

Your baby may feel a bit under the weather, due to which he may feel uneasy. A baby who suddenly gets sluggish and quiet may be ailing and need a visit to a pediatric specialist for newborns.

5. High on sleep

Your baby needs frequent naps. Even a small change in its sleeping schedule makes the baby feel uneasy; being tired and sleep-deprived, it begins to complain by weeping.

6. An unfriendly location

The baby may not find all the places comfortable and may react to a changed place.

7. Teeth-on-board

On average, the first tooth breaks through when the baby is between the age of 4 to 7 months or even earlier. It causes much pain to your baby, and it keeps in trouble. Some babies suffer from normal pain, while others suffer from more than average pain.

8. Wants to be held

Your baby needs a lot of pampering, and to earn your attention, they may cry so that they can see your faces, hear your voices, listen to your heartbeats and be in your arms.

9. A different way of tackling

The posture you held the baby might not be comfortable, making it feel uneasy, and it may yell to seek a comfortable position.

10. An uncomfortable position

There might be something bothering your baby. It might be your jewelry, dress, or even nails. Understand your baby has sensitive and soft skin, and even a bit of harsh stuff affects its skin.

11. The colic effect

An allergy to milk protein may result in colic, making your baby weep endlessly. The over-swallowed gas gets accumulated in the stomach and causes much uneasiness to the milk-fed baby. Try giving a preliminary treatment at home, contact a Stamford pediatrics if your baby shows extreme signs and doesn’t stop weeping.

12. A much-needed burp

A baby may consume air while being fed on breast milk or bottle milk, which may discomfort them. A burp is all they need at that time. So if your baby cries after feeding, allow them to take a burp and make them feel relaxed.

13. A roam-about matter

The demanding baby’s wish to get fresh air may also make him weep. Set a schedule to allow your baby to get to a nearby park, and let it experience a change from its boring home routine.

Ending note

If your baby does not stop crying even after you performed all the possible actions to make it comfortable, call the doctor at Summer Pediatrics and visit him today.

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