5 Ways to Work Out on a Budget

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Fitness can often be expensive and time consuming. It is certainly difficult for everyone to get a gym subscription or attend a yoga class. Even a subscription to a gym with only basic equipment costs around 2000-3000 rupees a month. Moreover, they usually come with additional travelling costs because gyms are not always located near residential areas. Fitness cannot be pushed under the carpet because of these inconveniences. There are several ways to get in a workout without spending large amounts of money. Here is a list of cheap and easy exercises to keep you fit and healthy:

5 Ways to Work Out on a Budget

1) Get a treadmill on rent: Treadmills are a great source of cardio. They have several health benefits and 20 minutes on the treadmill can burn around 200 calories. Buying a treadmill will prove to be an expensive affair. Treadmills cost around 20000-40000 depending on the features and the product. The smart thing to do is rent a treadmill. If you rent one for 3 months at a time, you can get a treadmill for as cheap as 5000 rupees for 3 months. You can bring fitness to your living room.

2) Form a play group: playing games like badminton, tennis, football etc. are great sources of cardio. Not only do they engage your body but playing games can also be very effective for the mind. If you live in a locality with friends or colleagues, you can form a play group. This costs very little money because all you need to buy is a racquet or a ball and it can also prove to be a fun way to exercise.

3) Get a cross trainer on rent: While cardio is fairly easy to fit in under a budget, strength training can sometimes be expensive. However, if you get a cross trainer on rent, you can get in both, a cardio workout as well as a strength trainer at one go. Cross trainers, like treadmills can be rented under 6000 rupees for 3 months. They are great for a full body workout as well as arm and leg coordination. Several online websites provide free deliveries and easy returns in cities like Bangalore and Delhi.

4) Youtube Lessons: If you are someone who needs a workout that is more engaging and fun like power yoga or Zumba, Youtube lessons are the way to go. Going to a class can be expensive and usually inconvenient because they have strict timings. You can squeeze in a Zumba session or a Yoga session at home during any time of the day or night, depending on your schedule. And the best part? It costs nothing!

5) Hula Hoop: I know what you’re thinking, hoola hoops are for kids! However, recent studies show that Hoola hoops are extremely effective to strengthen the back, especially if you have a desk job, and also strengthen the heart. Hoola hoops require a little practice but once you get the hang of it, it’s almost addictive. An additional bonus is that not only is it cheap but also a lot of fun.

Don’t give up on fitness simply because it can be expensive. Use these tips for a fun and cheap work out.

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