Who is the Hammock Guy, Spencer Mecham?

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When it comes to affiliate marketing, the goal for everyone (invariably) is to earn money. However, the income that can be achieved through affiliate marketing will vary from a person to person basis, largely depending on a variety of different factors such as the amount of time and energy invested into creating a successful affiliate marketing business. However, while not everyone will find that affiliate marketing is their calling in life, for many, affiliate marketing can be a great way of passively boosting income—and for people like Spencer Mecham, affiliate marketing has been key for transforming his life and allowing him to live the life of luxury! But who is Spencer Mecham, what has made him so successful, and what can we learn from his success to apply to our own affiliate marketing attempts to boost income and, just maybe, allow us to achieve our affiliate marketing goals and dreams?

Who is Spencer Mecham?

So, who is Spencer Mecham anyway? Spencer Mecham was the first ClickFunnels affiliate who was able to reach that elusive $1 million in funds saved in his ClickFunnels account from commission payments, as a result of his hard work and efforts with affiliate marketing. In addition to this, he was also the first member of the highly elusive ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club.

Who is the Hammock Guy, Spencer Mecham?

Spencer Mecham’s success in the affiliate marketing world is something which can be taken as inspiration for many new and up and coming affiliate marketers, thanks to his success and immense earnings as a result of his tactics. Indeed, we all know that to be successful with affiliate marketing requires us to put in plenty of time and effort, and success isn’t something that we are likely to see overnight; however, following Spencer Mecham’s guidelines could be a good means for people to earn income from the comfort of their own home reliably.

Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

As with all of us, Spencer Mecham had to start out somewhere – and, again in a similar manner to many other people, this starting point was in a 9 til 5 job. Admittedly, Mecham had slightly more experience when he got started with ClickFunnels than most; his firm was already working with affiliate marketing, although was performing rather unsuccessfully until the time that they discovered ClickFunnels.


At this time, he soon realised the potential that the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing program could offer for him and his business, and so began looking into the potential that the platform could offer for him. And, this would serve to transform the performance of his year long experiment with affiliate marketing, and before long he began making genuine profits with the system!

Starting Build Preneur

Once Spencer discovered how he could earn money with affiliate marketing, he soon came to realise that he could use his experience and knowledge to also help other people have great success with their own affiliate marketing attempts. And, as a result of this, he took the step to found a new brand with the intention of the brand being to help people learn about affiliate marketing and working for themselves from home – and this brand was called Buildapreneur. Building entrepreneurs, as you might have guessed!

As part of this, Spencer Mecham runs a highly successful and popular course – Affiliate Secrets – which is designed to help those individuals new to the affiliate world or otherwise struggling to get a foothold in the affiliate market flourish and grow their business.

Why is Spencer Mecham Known as the Hammock Guy

Regardless of whether or not you have actually heard of him before or not, it is possible that you are asking yourself the question of – why is Spencer Mecham called the hammock guy, then? Mecham’s great success with the world of affiliate marketing is what has earned him this title as the “hammock guy” for one simple reason: he is a self made millionaire who has done so while working from the comfort of his hammock! Yes, the answer really is that simple – and potentially, with the right attitude to affiliate marketing and taking the time to learn what it takes to be a successful affiliate marketer, you could also become a hammock millionaire as well.

Is Affiliate Secrets 2.0 a Good Investment?

So, it’s pretty obvious that Spencer Mecham has done incredibly well for himself through affiliate marketing – but can his course actually help other people to get the same level of success, or is it better to look into other affiliate marketing courses instead?

The Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course is great primarily for the fact that it caters for people of all affiliate levels and knowledge, which means it’s useful for more than just people new to affiliate marketing! Indeed, there is content in this course which can help to make it suitable for not only for new affiliate marketers but also for people who are already involved with affiliate marketing but who want to improve their marketing performance.

The course itself covers a huge range of different topics for its students, including the basics of how to get started with affiliate marketing right through to the more in depth topics which are necessary to understand for long term success and business growth, including which products to focus on, how to create a team to work with you on your affiliate marketing, how to automate your affiliate marketing systems, reducing costs while maximizing profits and return on investment, and more!

The course is priced at $897 and offers a huge number of different modules which are sure to set your affiliate marketing plans right.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing can offer a huge amount of potential for someone who is willing to put the time and effort in to get their own affiliate marketing business started – and who better to learn from than the hammock guy himself, Spencer Mecham, who was the first ever ClickFunnel millionaire? Using Mecham’s tips and advice, you’re sure to learn the skills that you need to grow or start your ClickFunnel business and learn how to make your own passive income from the comfort of your own sofa – uh, hammock.

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