What you Should and Should Not Do After a Car Accident?

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Your immediate response in an emergency decides your future.

This statement, although applicable generally should be especially heeded in cases of car accidents where your instant response and how you do the things next will make the difference, with the right decision saving your life, physically and financially and the wrong one probably putting you behind bars.

What you Should and Should Not Do After a Car Accident

In today’s post we are going to elaborate on what all immediate actions need to be taken, should you find yourself helpless after a car accident:

Stay Calm:

While it is understandable to get furious at the sight of your precious possession getting damages, you must not lose your calm in under any circumstances. Even if the third party is involved in the accident, keep your cool or don’t commit or say anything that you might regret later.

Stay There:

If there has been a collision of a car with another vehicle, save yourself from being convicted by remaining at the scene, unless you are gravely injured, in which case you should seek medical attention. Fleeing the scene would put your case under hit and run, which you might get charged with later. Also by staying at the scene, you can protect the pieces of evidence from getting trampled. Use a flashlight or if working, keep the car flashers on.

Report to the Police:

No matter how minor the accident is, if a car accident has happened, it should be immediately reported to the local police. A legal accident report can be substantial when you will filing for a claim of the car damage to the insurance company. Not reporting would make the car accident claim look suspicious.

Take Pictures:

If your cellphone is intact, and there is no police investigation going on at the moment, immediately take pictures of your damaged vehicles and your injuries. These pictures will help with your case if it goes into trial and in also claiming compensation from the insurance company.

Do Not Attempt Directing the Traffic:

First of all, you should not be on the road, as the traffic might get caught off guard, resulting in a significant accident. Secondly, we understand the concern that you have a car in the middle of the road and you are worried about it getting further damaged by the traffic. But don’t attempt directing the traffic as not only is that not your legal right but you might also confuse the drivers. Leave it to the cops and stay away from the road.

Don’t Admit to the Fault:

No, e are not asking you to lie here, but you must stay silent when the police arrive and ask you what has happened. Be mindful of your words, as in admitting to a fault in those hazy moments might subject you to penalty or punishment. Determination of whose at fault is the job of the lawyer and the insurance companies and can be discussed later.

Don’t Reject Medical Help:

You might say that you do not feel any pain or don’t have any injury at the moment. The injuries may be internal, and you may not realize it unless you get a full body check-up, which is advisable.

Do Not File a Case by Yourself:

With your hurt physical, mental state and limited knowledge of how to go about the car accident cases, it is advised that you seek the help of a Miami injury lawyer. They will be right by your side throughout the legal proceedings, ensuring you get proper guidance and mental support. An Injury lawyer will make sure that you get justice from the court and your rightful compensation from the insurance company.

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