In Trouble? Get a Lawyer

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When should you get a lawyer? Below are a few troubling situations to keep in mind for when you should get a lawyer!

There will be certain situations you will come across during your lifetime which may require the assistance of a lawyer. Not only can lawyers help you by providing you with professional legal advice, they can also help you learn of your legal rights and responsibilities in given situations.

In Trouble? Get a Lawyer

Working with a lawyer is beneficial for many of the situations life throws at you. Keep reading to learn when you should work with a lawyer and how exactly a lawyer can help you if you are ever put in any of the below situations!

If you are starting your own business

When starting your own business, there are many legal requirements and obligations you need to worry about. For example, you need to know when and how to:

  • Register your business your business name
  • Decide on a company structure for your business
  • Registering trade marks for the intellectual property of your business

A lawyer can help you with performing these tasks correctly, while giving you relevant legal advice along the way. These tasks are incredibly important to get right as they build the foundation of your business and allow for you to operate legally in the space in the first place.

Registering for a trade mark is an additional task a lawyer can help you with, and is important if you want to protect your intellectual property from misuse. You can register a trade mark for many different types of intellectual property, including names, packaging, scents, ideas and other design-related assets.

If you are going through a messy divorce

In the case that you are going through a complicated divorce, working with a lawyer may help things run more smoothly and position you favourably in court. A lawyer can help you with dividing your assets (for example, property, investments, savings, superannuation) during your split or settle disputes regarding child support, maintenance and custody.

When in court, it is always best to have a professional lawyer with you to represent your perspective and push for your favour. This is especially the case if your ex partner is lawyered up. An experienced family lawyer may also provide you with more specialised advice for your divorce case.

When you are drafting your will

Your will is one of the most important legal documents to get right, as it will determine who your assets are shared with and how they will be shared when you pass. It is a detailed yet complex document which requires a certain layout and formula as outlined by the Law Society when drafted to be valid, so that it is legally binding. As such, it is best to work with an experienced lawyer to draft your will, rather than doing it yourself.

Lawyering up in sticky situations

It may be helpful to work with a lawyer during the many sticky situations you come across in your lifetime. Starting your business, going through a divorce and drafting your will are a few of many situations a lawyer can help with. Be sure to do your research and find the right lawyer for you whenever you are faced with a difficult situation so that you can do the best for yourself.

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