What Type of Job and Salary Can I Expect with the PMP Certification?

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) ® is a non-profit making certification body that offers different certifications in project management like PMP®, CAPM® and several others. All these top-level certifications focus on project management, portfolio management, agile practices, risk management, business analysis, and scheduling. PMP® is the most demanded and popular certification in project management.

Here is a bunch of reasons that make PMP® certification most popular, have a look;

  • It is globally accepted by all organizations.
  • It increases your salary by 20% irrespective of your level
  • It gives better job opportunities within the organization and outside
  • It broadens your experience, increases your management skills
  • It helps you to handle projects efficiently and also increases your credibility
  • It has a wide reach and applies to different industries such as Telecom, Business processing, IT, Commerce and Finance.
  • It is an investment for your future
  • It gives you better job security.

These certification courses can add spice and credibility to your resume they also add value to your career. You enjoy a bigger advantage over other non-certified professionals which further increases your chances of selection everywhere.

PMP certifications are offered by some selected institutes nationwide and abroad. These PMOs or project management officers help the organizations in reaching their goals more quickly and helps them in delivering strategies with a certain outcome.

A PMO defines the standards of project management by ensuring the standardized running of projects and programs within the organization.

Strategic project planning, the setting of goals, execution of projects, governance, documentation, the setting of priorities and portfolio alignment are some of the objectives of a PMO.


What kind of Jobs are Associated with PMP® Certification?

What kind of Jobs are Associated with PMP Certification

To become a project manager you need to hold a bachelor’s degree in business management or marketing, engineering or computer science. And along with this, you should be able to work with a team and should possess leadership skills. The field offers you various prospects as it is up to you which type of project manager you want to be.

You could be an IT project manager, engineering project manager, or business project manager.

The PMP® certification cost structure is accepted globally. For example, you take up the role of an IT developer; the following are the credentials that get associated with you.

  • A PMP® certified IT project manager is respected and recognized all over the world.
  • As an IT developer, agile methodologies should be learned that enhances your project management knowledge.
  • The PMP® certificate proves your excellence in project management.
  • PMP® certification not only builds up the success rate of your project but also helps you to be well organized.
  • You get recognized as skilled and top-notch project managers as compared to the non-certified managers.

As mentioned above PMP® certified professionals can take up different roles such as an operations manager, IT manager, program manager, senior project manager, Information Technology director or even the Vice President.
All these portfolios enjoy a handsome amount of salary as well.

Have a look at the statistical table stated below which describes the average salaries for these different positions.

Job Average salaryMinimum salaryMaximum salary
Project Manager,
(Unspecified Type / General)
Rs 1,415,943 Rs 598K Rs 2.3M
Project Manager,
Information Technology (IT)
Rs 1,515,033 Rs 737K
Rs 2.4M
Senior Project Manager, IT
Rs 2,006,163 Rs 1.3MRs 2.9M
Operations Manager
Rs 813,451
Rs 360KRs 1.8M
Program Manager, IT
Rs 2,122,995 Rs 1.3MRs 3.2M
Information Technology (IT) Director
Rs 3,526,100 Rs 2.1MRs 5.4M

How much can a PMP® certified Project Manager Earn?

How much can a PMP certified Project Manager Earn

Now let’s talk in terms of figures. The lowest drawn salary of a PMP® certified project manager is $59k while the highest one is $134k in the US. Whereas the average salary of a PMP® certified project manager in the US is $90,033. Apart from this handsome amount, there are extra payments and cash rewards such as a bonus, profit sharing, and compensations.

In 2017, a certified PMP® Project manager earned nothing less than $83k as average salary annually.

There is a huge difference between the salary of a PMP® Certified Project manager and that of non -certified project manager. Statistics and reports have claimed that a certified PMP® earns at least 20% more than those who are not certified.

In the year 2017, an amount not less than $83K was drawn by a PMP® certified project manager which was his average annual salary. On average a project manager makes $63 per hour in the US. However, the average scale falls between $56 to $71, which further depends on your level of experience, certifications, skills, education, and location. For example, if you are a certified project manager, you can earn 23% more than the non-certified project manager.

The entry-level salary of project managers in the United States is $75,596 where the experienced project managers earn a huge amount of $96.425. If you are just about to begin your career as a project manager then start it from the entry-level as it helps you to gain the necessary skills and expertise you need in the field and to build your career.

A senior project manager earns an average salary of $113,735 per year in the United States. Although the range may vary between $52,000 to $173,000. The duties of a senior manager involve continuous evaluation of projects, knowledge of the latest strategies and technologies, identifying internal and external resources and developing different project management programs.

Now coming over to the freelancers, Freelance project managers can earn an amount between $21,500 and $148,000 which further results in an average of $78,517 annually in the US. At present, there are about 12% of freelance project managers and 88% permanent project managers in the United States and the demand for freelancers is widely growing. Today most of the people are looking out for freelance opportunities as they want to carve out time for their other businesses. With freelancing, you can reach your personal financial goals and can also enjoy the benefits of working with different companies.

In today’s world, the PMP® certified project managers are taking home an average salary of $109,405 whereas the average household income of the US is $55,775 which is the largest economy of the world. The average salary of PMP® certified project managers is almost double.

According to a recent prediction, there will be approximately 15.7 million new Project Management job opportunities by 2020. And growth of $6.1 trillion has been anticipated in the industry’s footprint by the year 2020. Along with this, there will be a hike of 37% in the output of project-intensive industries, such as manufacturing, finance, ONG, construction, and IT.

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