Why Quizzing is Important for Students?

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It is less important how much we have read, but more important what we remember and understand out of everything that we have read. With this thought, let us consider the various devices that can help us to evaluate our understanding and memorizing power. Some of these are:

  • Quizzes
  • Test papers
  • Worksheets
  • Verbal Tests
  • and many more.

As much as verbal tests, quizzes play an important role in learning and in education in general. Let us see how.

Why Quizzing is Important for Students

Importance of Quizzes in Education:

Quizzes relate to so-called edutainment, when you combine education and entertainment in one activity. By the way, you can easily use quizzes to entertain and engage your audience if you want to promote your blog or website on its initial stage. If you are interested in blogging, read on more tips on how to start your travel blog.

Help in Concentration

Quizzes help the students to focus more on the task at hand, hence increasing their general concentration power when the quizzes are practiced on a regular basis. Students who face difficulty in concentrating on long quizzes can start with shorter ones initially. Quizzes are scientifically proven instruments for the improvement of concentration in school kids.

Quizzes are fun

Most of the students who have taken quizzes for their subjects say that quizzes are more interesting and fun to attend than subjective tests. Quiz formats where there are winners and prizes for the winners, even if it’s something small, especially make students more excited to participate just to compete with their peers.

Better Retention

Quizzes allow better retention when it comes to remembering facts and figures. Repeating the same quizzes multiple times can allow very high retention and sharp memorization of subjects and important topics. Quizzes can help students to remember course material for a longer time rather than the rote learning concept.

Identifying Preparation Gaps

When you prepare on a certain syllabus and give quizzes accordingly, it helps you to identify your weak areas. If you know where you are lacking, you will be able to prepare it better and make your preparation full-proof. Quizzes are a sure shot way to ace up your competitive exams with full-proof preparation.

Creating a Competitive Edge

Quiz Contests where students compete with each other to win prizes gives them a competitive edge. It prepares them for bigger challenges in life that involve hard work to win certain rewards or achievements. This can really help students to get into the habit of working hard for an important test, assignment, or presentation later on in their lives.

More enthusiasm in Learning

It is a statistically proven fact that when students prepare for quiz contests, they show more interest and enthusiasm in learning, rather than preparing for other kinds of physical or written tests for the same reasons. Quizzes also eliminate the idea of rote learning and make it important to learn with conceptualization or understanding of subjects and topics.

Variety of Quizzes

Nowadays, a lot of quizzes, such as GK Quiz, Indian Economy Quiz, Indian History Quiz, General Science Quiz, etc., are available online as well as offline to help you prepare for various competitive exams, Olympiads, or quiz contests. Various websites, such as www.gkexams.com are loaded with various online quizzes with an instant evaluation to evaluate your preparation as well as test your knowledge for various subjects and exams.

Build Confidence

It is believed that when students answer the quizzes correctly and score good marks on them, they become more confident about their preparation as well as their problem-solving skills in general. Hence, quizzing can help students to boost their confidence in less time, making them believe in the power of hard work and perseverance.

Help in Revision

Quizzes are one of the most effective techniques to help the students in revising subjects or topics for important tests or competitive exams. Quizzes help you to revise more concentrated facts and figures in less time, as the questions on quizzes are mostly straightforward and short.

Problem Solving Skills

When it comes to arithmetic, logical, reasoning, or formula-based questions in quizzes, it helps the students to test and improvise their problem-solving skills in the most effective way, as well as to evaluate and identify their weak points in the same regard.

Competitive Spirit

When students compete against their peers to score more marks on a quiz, they build a competitive spirit which is a strong motivational force making them work harder while preparing for the quiz. This prepares them not just for competitive exams held on a bigger level but also against the competition of life where each day is a struggle to work hard and earn.

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