What Games Can Xbox and PS4 Play Together?

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People are very fond of playing video games but unfortunately many of them are not cross platform. As a result of which it becomes impossible to play them in a team if not having similar platforms. For example if you ask is madden 22 cross platform ps4 and Ps5 then yes it is. But at the same time the similar game is not cross platform for PS4 and Xbox. This means you can play the above game in team when having consoles PS4 and PS5 but not if having Xbox and PS4. So here we will enlist those games that you can play cross platform for Xbox and PS4. In case you are having above video gaming consoles then you can easily play these cross platform games.

What Games Can Xbox and PS4 Play Together

What is a cross platform game?

A cross platform game allow the players to play it with multiple users without bothering about the console type. You do not have to ensure the same gaming consoles like that in case of Non-cross platform games. Such games helps players to enjoy all the features of the game in a team within family or outside. It is very sad to cite that there are only handful of games which are cross platform to play for people.

Why people look after cross platform games to play?

The reason why people are curious about the names of cross platform games is the same that is issue of platform. When a player is having cross platform games he is not supposed to bother about the platform or device used for playing the video game. Such games can be played on any platform and thus players can drive more pleasure out of them. This is not the scenario with the games which are not cross platform.

Top five cross platform games for PS4 and Xbox

Here are top five games that players can play cross platform for Xbox and Ps4. So if you are too fond of playing such games have a look on the list below.

1. Minecraft

The first and most important video game that we can play cross platform is Minecraft game. It is a very popular game based on completing the tasks. The game is developed in series and we have total six series of Minecraft so far and many more to come. This is one of the most demanded game when we talk about cross platform games.

2. Fortnite

Another game in the list of Fortnite which is also cutting the edge in the market of video game. The game is full of adventurous tasks that people love to accomplish during playing this game. This is one of the second most demanded game after Minecraft in the category of cross platform game. You can play Fortnite on PS4 and Xbox as cross-platform easily.

3. Overwatch

This is an action game which is again cross platform for PS4 and Xbox. A battlefield is there to win in this game and players have to perform multiple tasks in the game like shooting, finding tricks to defeat the opponents on battlefield etc. If you are vacant at home then it is easy to play this game with friends and family as cross platform.

4. World of Tanks

The fourth important game in this category of cross platform games is World of Tanks where you can play it on PS4 and Xbox easily. This is a highly popular game based on Army skills where you have to attack on the tanks of other Army. This game is appealing for those who have a craze to enroll in Army.

5. Sea of Thieves

The game is related to sailors and their experiences including thieves and this is a very popular game in the world of video games. You can find this game cross platform for PS4 and Xbox as well.


So these are few top games that one can play cross platform for the gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox. If you are also fond of playing cross platform games then make sure to choose the best game for this purpose. There are too many games that can become your choice but the count of cross platform games is very limited in the market.

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