FIFA 23: Epic Games Will Pay for The Incorrect Price

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When FIFA 23 went available for pre-order last month on July 21, the pricing was misrepresented on the Epic Games Store website. Some buyers paid Rs 4.8 to purchase the game.

To members who had pre-ordered FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition for fewer than Rs 5 in the previous month, Epic Games Store recently said that it will follow the agreement and provide the game to gamers who acquired it as a result of the listing mistake on Epic Games Store rather than giving them a refund.

The forthcoming football game FIFA 23’s pricing was displayed wrongly on the online game retailer’s website when the title first became available for pre-order on July 21 of last month. The website is well known for often giving away popular titles to members for free.

Instead of showing the game’s original price of Rs. 4,799, the listing mistake showed the price of the Ultimate Edition as Rs. 4.8. As it turned out, this was more than a visual issue, and gamers were able to complete a transaction for Rs 4.8. In other words, the pre-book listing error was only visible to Indian customers of Epic Games for around 30 minutes. The ‘amazing’ bargain that FIFA fans who were up at midnight when the glitch occurred were able to get even went viral on Twitter. Get the game for a little portion of what it cost to purchase.

Some gamers even succeeded in setting up additional Epic Games accounts for free in time to purchase the game; they are now selling these accounts to FIFA players who missed the July 21 event informally, as now the incorrect listing of games has been fixed and users are no longer able to use it. Other than buying games from those lucky guys for a cheaper price, additionally, when the game is released, players will need FUT 23 coins severely, anyone who missed out on the opportunity to buy the game for free may try out here to purchase the cheapest FUT 23 coins when the game is released. Don’t miss out again.

All gamers who pre-ordered FIFA 23 will be able to download it on September 27, which is the game’s release date. Other gamers may pre-order the game before its release or purchase it thereafter for Rs 3,499 for the Standard Edition or Rs 4,799 for the Ultimate Edition, which includes additional in-game perks.

FIFA 23: What we currently know

The new Hypermotion 2 mechanics, which display more realistic player motions than ever, are only one of the new innovations that will be included in the game. Contrary to FIFA 22, when the functionality was exclusively made available for consoles, Hypermotion 2 will be accessible to PC users this year.

In addition, FIFA 23 has an official license for the next World Cup Qatar 2022, which begins in November. EA has promised participants exclusive in-game benefits during the competition.

New set-piece mechanics, new celebrations, enhanced movements, and a brand-new single-player game mode with “scenario-based challenges themed around real-world events, or FUT campaigns,” are among the other changes in the game.

The game’s recommended and minimum system requirements have not yet been disclosed by EA, although they should be in the coming weeks.

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