What Are The Positive Aspects of Three Consecutive IVF Cycles?

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The process of IVF treatment is the best recommendation to find a cure for infertility. If you are looking for the positive outcome from the treatment procedures, then you have to go for multiple cycles. Undergoing the IVF procedure, expecting the positive result in the single treatment cycle can lead to the mental dissatisfaction in the patient. It is because in the rarest cases, the patients receive the results in the first attempt.

What Are The Positive Aspects of Three Consecutive IVF Cycles

Infertility Treatment in India is very successful. The success results of the procedure irrespective of the cause of infertility depend on the age. If you undergo the treatment at the right age, it will give you the results immediately in the less number of cycles, and if the period is higher, then the number of cycles would be more.

However, if you want to get the results in the minimum possible cycles, you should not take a break amidst the cycles. You will have to continue a minimum of three consecutive cycles to get the desired outcome.

Benefits of Three Consecutive IVF Cycles:

Every IVF cycle increase your chance of getting pregnant. If you break up the pattern of the treatment and take a break in between, then you will have to start from the commencement. Most of the results for the patients below 35 years of age have the opportunity to convert the treatment in the results.

  • The chances of the success of the treatment increase to 25 to 30 % in the first cycle of IVF. If you take the precautions and follow the guidelines of the doctor, there are chances that you conceive in the upcoming cycle.
  • Now, when you take up with the second cycle, either you can get the results in the second attempt, or it will raise the chances of pregnancy. The chances of pregnancy after the second attempt further increase to 60 to 80%.
  • If after the first two cycles, you do not give up on the treatment, there are over 90% of chance that it takes up to the success if you complete the third cycle.

Three cycles enhance the chances of pregnancy. If you want to get the results, you should not lose hope. It will help in understanding the right treatment. Over 99% of cases that do not seek break while undergoing an IVF treatment, and take up with the continuous cycles have the chances to get a positive response from the procedure.

Final Words:

The IVF Procedure Cost will be less if you go for consecutive cycles of IVF. In short, the results, and the price of the treatment both are favourable when you undergo the multiple cycles of the procedure. Never give up on therapy amidst the cycles, or else you would end up in getting disappointed.

The chances that are developed for getting pregnant can be affected, and the condition of conceiving gets degraded. So, if you want that you shall have the best results of the treatment, then you should continue with consecutive cycles without breaking the flow.

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