Unique Ways To Style Your Lariat Necklace

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Alike fashion statement rings, a lariat necklace is also a unique piece of jewelry. But do you know what makes it differ from other necklaces? Basically, a lariat necklace is a very long variation on the rope without a clasp, that is often worn by draping multiple times around the neck. While the ends can be crossed over or can be tied like a knot in the jewelry itself.

Unique Ways To Style Your Lariat Necklace

Apart from the basic technique, there are many other creative and stylish ways to style a lariat. This is because lariats are a very versatile piece of jewelry but it can be confusing trying to figure out how to wear one. However, by learning some of the tying techniques and pairing the necklace with complimentary clothing, you can make a lariat look great.


Inspect the Closure Details on the Lariat

Some lariat necklaces are meant to be tied in a specific way whereas other can be styled in multiple ways. Although the most basic lariat looks like a long chain with some kind of open shape at one end.

While the other end of the chain is meant to be threaded through the open end. However, there are some lariats that do not have pieces on the ends that thread through one another so it can be tied together.


Do A Basic Loop

This is the easiest way to style the lariat necklace trends. All you need to do is drape it around your neck with the center part at the back of your neck with one end hanging over each shoulder.

Grab an end in each hand cross the chain in front of you then loop one end under and then through, the same way you tie your shoelaces. Additionally, you can adjust the loop higher or lower depending on the kinds of effect you want to achieve.


Tie It With a Simple Knot in Front

If you are looking to do something different with your lariat then try tying a front knot. While it is a simple thing to do but the result can look very classy and great with formal wear and high-end business suits.

Just put the lariat around your neck and grab the ends of the chain and create a lop with both strands creating a knot at the front.


Double Looping a Long Lariat To Create Drama

Alike tying knot, this one is also simple. You just need to fold the chain in half so that both the strands are running parallel to one another. Now hold ends in each hand then wrap the folded necklace around your neck. After that pull the ends of the lariat to be in front.

Although, doubling the chain will create a loop. Pass the ends through the loop and feed them all the way through and allow the ends to hang down. Such a style is also called the scarf style because it follows the same pattern as a popular scarf-tying technique.

Eventually, this will also create a dramatic and chunky style. While paring it with jeans and a leather jacket will create one look. You can also wear it with a tight cocktail dress and create a similarly dramatic result.


Wrapping It Choker Style

You can also wear your lariat choker style by taking one end of the lariat in your hand and placing it right below your collarbone. You can warp the rest of the lariat around your neck once or twice if it is long in length.

Loop one of the strands over in the front which will also secure the lariat in place. Generally, this style works great with low necklines and is also easy to style.

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